Ted Dibiase Jr. Talks Leaving WWE And If He'd Return, His New Documentary, Part Timers At 'Mania

Wrestling INC: When you started in November, about how complete was the movie? Or had it just started?

Dibiase: We had really just started on it. And, I was amazed, I really got excited when I saw how well Pete did putting that trailer together. I flew up to Wilcox, Arizona. I've never been there with my dad, although I'd always heard stories. We filmed some stuff for a few days and then by the time I landed in Jackson, Mississippi the next day, he'd already put together that trailer. I was like, "Pete, this is really good!" And he said, "You think I should post it?" I said, "Yeah man, definitely. Let's see what kind of feedback we get." And it was all really positive. We've got a few more things we need to film as well. Some more interviews. We've got a couple other things that we need to put into this so it's going to take a little more time but we're close to the finish line on this.

Wrestling INC: And so fans can go to kickstarter and support the project. With the money, what is it going to be used for? Is it going to be used to do more interviews and things like that, or just overall production?

Dibiase: Yeah, the overall production, the editing is a lot of time. A lot of time goes in the editing, a lot of studio hours, license fees, lawyer fees. Just to get trademarks and looking at a lot of travel. We wanna go to some cool places. We went to Caesars Palace, we're trying to book Madison Square Garden, take my dad back there where he wrestled Hulk Hogan. We really want to make this a real intimate film. Not only for the fans as much as it is for people that are watching this film that had struggles.

If you know the story, if you've heard my dad speak, you know that he gets extremely long-winded so I apologize on his behalf. You know, my family was almost torn apart by the decisions my dad made outside the ring. I've never had these conversations with my dad about his infidelity, nor have I talked to my mom about it. So, it is an opportunity for me to have those first-time conversations. And they're tough. They're really tough conversations. So it's very real, and people can relate. So, the fans are going to love it, people that go through struggles and trials and tribulations, they're going to relate with what the DiBiases went through. I mean, we're real people. So I'm really excited to tell this story.

Wrestling INC: You're spending a lot of time going back and looking at some of the places where your father had some of his legendary matches and angles. What were some of your favorite angles that he was a part of?

Dibiase: Well, of course, when he was working with Andre, and the one with Hogan we used on the kickstarter video. I used to love watching my dad fight the Junkyard Dog. Those were very early memories, probably some of my earliest memories. Like, riding with him and watching my dad wrestle JYD. Man, the crowd just was in love with JYD and hated my dad. I used to be terrified walking out of the building because they really wanted to beat up my dad. I thought somebody was gonna kidnap me because they were pissed off at my dad because he was cheating JYD out of victories left and right. That was a lot of fun. He and Jake the Snake, I swear they had some of the best matches ever. I loved them all. When he wrestled Bret Hart for a while, those guys had some really good matches. I've actually talked to Bret about it. He said my dad was one of his favorite opponents. When they got in the ring it was just the night off. He said that's when he really enjoyed what he did, when he was working with my dad. So it was very cool.

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