More On KENTA To WWE, Kevin Nash Talks About His Movie Projects, WWE Star Attending Awards Show

- Kevin Nash recently spoke with The Chicago Tribune and noted that he's not sure yet if he will have a role in the Magic Mike sequel with Channing Tatum and others. Nash talked about his acting future:

"I've got a small part in a Keanu Reeves movie called 'John Wick.' He plays a hitman in the movie and kills about 300 people. I don't get killed, so I might get cut because of that," joked Nash. "Other than that, I did this low budget horror movie where I played this giant vampire. The movie is called 'The Association.' They've had a bunch of legal problems. I think they finally got most of those hurdles taken care of, so that'll probably be coming out. And then I've also got a pilot called 'Tag Team' that they want to shoot but they're on rewrite because they can't find the female lead, so they'll probably go with two male leads. I hear so many things from my agency on a monthly basis. I did the (1992) movie 'Freejack' and was on the set 70 days. I went to the movie theater and never saw myself on the screen: 'How is that possible? I was in four scenes. No wonder this movie went $40 million over budget.' Until you see yourself on the screen, you didn't make the movie. I don't worry about it. If I never work again, I'll be fine."

- For what it's worth, there are reports by media in Japan that KENTA is indeed headed to WWE but that still hasn't been confirmed by WWE sources or the company itself.

- Darren Young is off crutches but is wearing a leg brace. He's back to traveling and will be attending the GLAAD Media Awards in New York City this weekend. As noted this week, Young is expected back in action this fall.