- The 2014 WWE Extreme Rules pre-show kicks off with Josh Mathews, Booker T, Alex Riley and special guest Sheamus. We see fans filing into the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The fans in the arena are already chanting "yes!" Sheamus says this is one of his favorite pay-per-views of the year. Mathews hypes the first-ever WeeLC Match. Riley predicts Hornswoggle win, Booker goes with El Torito and Sheamus picks Hornswoggle as well. Mathews also hypes tonight's main event. We see what happened with Kane, Daniel Bryan, and Brie Bella on RAW.

- The panel talks about Kane vs. Daniel Bryan. Sheamus and Booker agree that having Brie out there is a distraction. We see El Torito backstage warming up with Los Matadores. We also see Hornswoggle getting ready with 3MB. The panel talks about John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt and we get a video package for that match. The panel talks more about the match before we go to JBL, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler at ringside. There's also a mini-version of Lawler, JBL and Cole at a mini announcers table.

WeeLC Match: El Torito vs. Hornswoggle

We go to the ring and there's a mini ring announcer and a mini referee also. Out first comes El Torito with Los Matadores. The mini versions of Cole, JBL and Lawler are actually doing some commentary. Hornswoggle is out next with 3MB.

They lock up and go at it. Torito with a hurricanrana that sends Hornswoggle out of the ring. Torito leaps out onto Hornswoggle and 3MB. They do some comedy until Torito brings a steel chair from under the ring. He just throws it. He pulls out a mini chair and uses it to jump into a headstand on the corner followed by a Bronco Buster. Jinder Mahal gets involved and the referee gets hit. Hornswoggle accidentally crotches Jinder. Torito sends Jinder out of the ring. Fans chant for tables. Hornswoggle clotheslines Torito. 3MB hand Hornswoggle a mini ladder but he tosses it. He gets a bigger mini ladder and climbs up. Hornswoggle goes for a splash but Torito moves. Torito with a roll up for 2. We go to promos.

We come back. During the break, one of the Matadores got backdropped through a mini table on the floor. Hornswoggle keeps control in the ring now. He hits Rolling Thunder on top of a chair. Hornswoggle slams Torito on the floor and tears apart the mini announce table. Hornswoggle puts Torito on top of the table, goes back to the apron and then splashes Torito through it. The crowd pops. A "this is awesome" chant starts up as 3MB check on Hornswoggle. Matadores are still down on the floor as 3MB helps Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle with a chair shot on Torito. Hornswoggle accidentally knocks Heath Slater from the apron through a mini table on the floor. Matadores stop Jinder and Drew McIntyre from helping Hornswoggle put Torito through a table. Torito knocks himself, Matadores and Jinder through ladders and tables on the floor. Hornswoggle puts Torito on a table on the floor. Drew runs the ropes and leaps out but Torito moves and Drew crashes through the table. Torito with a chair to Hornswoggle's face. Torito takes down Slater. Torito springboards in and puts Hornswoggle through a table for the pin.

Winner: El Torito

- After the match, the mini announcers lead us to replays.

- Byron Saxton is backstage with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Zeb rips on Rob Van Dam, Cesaro and Paul Heyman. Zeb says Swagger is a Real American and has everything it takes to win. He rips New Jersey and salutes.

- The panel talks more about tonight's card. We get a video for Evolution vs. The Shield. The panel talks more about the pre-show and that's it for the pre-show.

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