WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Top Stars Qualify For MITB, Stretcher Match, Stephanie Gets Sick

Goldust and Stardust unload as soon as the bell rings. Fans chant for Stardust. He springboards in with a big shot on Axel. Fans chant for Axel now. Cody nails a blockbuster out of the corner for a quick win.

Winners: Goldust and Stardust

- Cole leads us to another Special Olympics video.

- Still to come, Cena vs. Kane in a Stretcher Match. Back to commercial.

Stretcher Match: Kane vs. John Cena

Cena is out first followed by Kane. They start off brawling and go to the floor. Kane puts Cena on the stretcher early but they keep fighting. Kane whips Cena hard into the steps. Kane continues beating Cena around ringside. Cena blocks a shot into the steps and fights back. Cena slams Kane face first into the steps twice. Cena tries to put Kane on the stretcher but Kane drops him with a right hand. Kane puts Cena on the stretcher and starts pushing him up the ramp but Cena rolls off. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Kane is still in control. Kane goes to put Cena into a chair that's wedged in the corner but Cena counters and sends Kane into the chair. Cena comes off the top but Kane catches him in a chokeslam and nails it. Kane goes to smash Cena with the steel steps but Cena kicks his leg out and Kane falls face first into the steps. Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment on the steps but Cena counters and DDT's Kane onto them.

Cena ends up on the floor and he's out. Kane places Cena on the stretcher and pushes it up the ramp but Cena rolls off again. Cena fights back with right hands and runs Kane into the ring post. Cena with more lefts and rights. Kane counters and whips Cena hard into the fan barrier. Kane tears apart the announcers table but Cena gets up and puts him through it with an AA. Cena puts Kane on his shoulders and carries him around the ring to the stretcher. Cena starts to have trouble walking with Kane on his shoulders but makes it. Cena tries to lay Kane on the stretcher but it falls. Kane and Cena fall with it.

Cena rolls another stretcher over and puts Kane on it but he's attacked by Seth Rollins and Randy Orton. They bring him to the ring and continue the attack. Orton hits Cena with a RKO. Rollins brings a chair in the ring but Dean Ambrose runs in out of nowhere and tackles him. Ambrose sends Rollins and Orton over the top rope. Kane comes in and chokeslams Ambrose. Cena gets up and sends Kane over the top rope. Cena picks up the steel steps, runs and launches them out of the ring into Kane's face and he goes down. Cena puts Kane back on the stretcher and rolls him up to the stage. Kane rises up and grabs Cena's throat. Cena blocks a chokeslam and does an AA onto the stretcher. Cena pushes the stretcher over the line and wins the match and the last spot at Money In the Bank.

Winner: John Cena

- After the match, RAW goes off the air with Cena celebrating.

Note: There will be no live RAW post-show coverage this week. We will post any newsworthy highlights.

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