Source: F4WOnline

- Fresh off his recent release from WWE, Curt Hawkins, now known as Brian Myers, appeared at Beyond Wrestling's one-year anniversary show in Providence, Rhode Island over the weekend. Near the conclusion of the match, he performed John Cena's AA finishing maneuver off the second turnbuckle that resulted in his opponent, AR Fox, hitting his back on the ring apron. Moments later, Fox pinned the former WWE star via rollup.

- The former Kharma, Awesome Kong, appeared in a segment on Comedy Central's online-themed improv show "At Midnight" Wednesday night. A squirrel was flung from a slingshot with the former WWE and TNA Wrestling talent reaching out and appearing to grab the animal out of mid-air to eat it. She actually ate a cooked chicken drumstick.

Kong, who appeared as her character, was not identified. Host Chris Hardwick said he couldn't figure out why she was wearing "boxing gloves."

- As revealed on Ring of Honor's live "Best in the World" pay-per-view event on Sunday night. former NFL offensive lineman Quinn "Moose" Ojinnaka has signed a contract with the promotion. The 30-year-old discussed his wrestling pursuit with, where he revealed that he was a fan of Razor Ramon growing up.

"I would go to school with the vest and ask my mom to take me to Walmart so I could buy 10 or 12 fake chains as jewelry," Ojinnaka said of his Razor-inspired outfit during the 1990s. "I would do the whole (Razor Ramon) walk and everything going to class.

"I got made fun of a lot doing that. But at that moment, I wanted to be like him. I wanted to be a wrestler."

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