Backstage Update On Alberto Del Rio And WWE, How He Can Appear For AAA, Rey Mysterio Rumor Killer

F4WOnline reports that Rey Mysterio will not be appearing at this Sunday's AAA TripleMania event in Mexico City. It was rumored that Mysterio would be joining Alberto Del Rio at the show. Del Rio confirmed his appearance at the show in the video above, however Mysterio is still under contract with WWE and WWE was never asked about him appearing, nor would they allow it.

As for Alberto Del Rio, he is doing media appearances in Mexico under that name, which is owned by WWE, for Sunday's event. F4WOnline noted that the situation between Del Rio and WWE is "very acrimonious." According to their report, WWE is trying to tie Del Rio up in a lengthy non-compete clause, similar to the one that Jim Ross had that just recently expired. WWE would have to pay Del Rio for the duration of the non-compete clause.

While Del Rio will be appearing at Sunday's AAA show as a special guest, WWE does not want him appearing for AAA shows on the El Rey Network, nor do they want him appearing for TNA.