Signature intro packages roll and then we head down to ringside for introductions…

Jack Swagger vs. Curtis Axel

Curtis Axel looks pretty jacked as he comes out and Renee notes that Axel has been saying that Swagger isn't a real man because he doesn't "drink cold beer." It's the kind of thing that makes you expect Stone Cold to pop up and yell, "Is there a damn echo in here?" Anyway, Axel tears into Swagger after the bell and gets all over him in the corner. Swagger bounces back and puts Axel down and hits him with a splash off the ropes. They end up outside and Axel gains control, chucking Swagger into the barricade. Axel tosses Swagger back inside and covers but Jack kicks out. They battle back and forth until Curtis puts Swagger down on the mat for a submission hold. Swagger comes back again and although he meets resistance from Curtis, he eventually puts him down with the Patriot Lock.

Result: Jack Swagger wins via submission.

After that, we get a recap of Sting's debut at Survivor Series and a look at the Authority's farewell address on Raw. WWE also shares some behind the scenes footage regarding 2K15 and they re-rack the Ambrose vs. Harper match from Monday Night Raw.

The Usos vs. Slater & The Gator

The Uso brothers hit the ramp and apparently… Uso Crazy. Who knew? Titus comes out for his team first and trades shots with his opponent. Slater tags in and doesn't fare well. He ends up on the mat for a near fall and after receiving some more punishment, Titus drags him outside for a break.

When we return to the ring, Slater has a little momentum but the Usos get back on top quickly. At this point, Slater is like a living tackle dummy. Titus gets involved again and slows the Usos' roll considerably. Slater tags back in and only gets a near-fall. He stays in control, tagging out and then coming back in quickly. Titus comes in for the final stretch of the match and the Usos win after they lay him out and hit him with a big splash. The three-count follows.

Result: The Usos defeat Slater & The Gator via pinfall.

A recap of Raw's main event from this week rounds out the show.

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