Ring Of Honor TV Report (1/25): Alberto El Patron Vs. Christopher Daniels, Briscoes In Action

The show starts with promos from The Kingdom and Briscoes hyping their match on this week's show.

The Kingdom (w/Maria Kanellis) vs The Briscoes

The two teams start brawling, and end up outside before the ring can even be cleared of streamers. The Briscoes are laying down a sustained beating on Kingdom, and the match still hasn't even started as we go to the first commercial break.

Back from commercial, the Briscoes are still in control, but the match has actually started. Bennett comes into the ring and drills Jay with the Furry Pink Title for a DQ, which upsets the fans.

Winners: The Briscoes via DQ

The Kingdom is laying a beating, and out of nowhere ODB shows up and cleans house. I think she'll fit right in with the Briscoes. Kevin Kelly interviews her and she says she's "One Dirty Briscoe."

Jimmy Jacobs is cuts a promo on Roderick Strong. He said that Decade is scouting potential members in the Top Prospect Tourney.

Top Prospect Tournament
Beer City Bruiser vs Mikey Webb

Caprice Coleman is on commentary again for this tournament match. The crowd is all over the Beer City Bruiser for looking like Husky Harris. Webb starts out by coming up empty on a huge dive, as the Bruiser lands a "Funky Roll" on the outside to Webb. While the ref counts, Bruiser drinks a beer.

Webb makes it inside at the last second and fights back. Bruiser gets a nearfall after a clothesline. Webb is trying to fight back again, and hits a really nice Sliced Bread but only gets a two count. Bruiser hits the Greetings From Asbury Park for the pinfall, which he calls the 2 Day Hangover

Winner: Beer City Bruiser via pinfall (2 Day Hangover)

The Chikara promos are back. Along with another cryptic message. Cryptic.

Christopher Daniels vs Alberto El Patron

The fans are giving Alberto an awesome reaction. He and Daniels shake hands as the show goes to a commercial.

The crowd is into this heavy, with "This is awesome," and "Si" chants before a lock up even happen. The two start off with a good chain wrestling exchange as Steve Corino puts over Alberto's MMA career on commentary. The two go outside the ring and Daniels takes advantage by throwing Alberto into the rails and hitting an Asai moonsault, which gets "Fallen Angel" chants. Patron gives Daniels a dose of his own medicine with an enziguri, as well as a couple of whips into the rails.

Jay Lethal comes to the ring to watch Patron, as he's in control of the matchup. The show goes to commercial after Alberto El Patron hits a nice clothesline on Christopher Daniels and stands tall.

Back from break, Alberto has applied an armbar, but Daniels gets to the ropes. Lethal is on commentary explaining why he doesn't like Patron. Daniels gets a triangle choke as the fans plead for Patron to not tap. He manages to get a a foot on the ropes to break the submission hold. The crowd is going nuts, and with good reason. Patron hits the armbreaker to set up his armbar to get the submission win.

Winner: Alberto El Patron via submission (armbar)

Lethal gets in the ring and faces off with Patron as J Diesel and Truth Martini attack him from behind. Kaz and Daniels make the save to end a really good show.