Lucha Underground Results (3/4): Alberto El Patron Vs. Texano, Fenix In Action

- Alberto El Patron is in Dario Cueto's office, and wants a match with Texano. Cueto resists until El Patron starts destroying his office. His mind has been changed.

Mil Muertes vs. Fenix

Fenix dives to the outside and attacks Muertes early, following up with a superkick. Back inside, Muertes takes control and wallops Fenix, mounting him with punches before DDT'ing him. Muertes continues the beat down as Catrina makes her way to ringside, distracting her former boyfriend Muertes.

Fenix battles back and knocks Muertes out of the ring, setting up a huge dive. Despite landing it, Muertes dribbles his head off the canvas, but Fenix hits a cutter out of nowhere. Muertes stops a top rope attack with a disgusting looking super Codebreaker, then a Flatliner for the win.

Winner: Mil Muertes via pinfall (Flatliner)

Muertes grabs Catrina by the throat and tosses her in the ring. Fenix hits Muertes with a rock. YEP. Catrina gives Muertes a lick of death and makes out with Fenix. Well.

- Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico are in Cueto's office. He says Ivelisse only beat Angelico because Havoc got involved. He's booking a rematch next week with Son of Havoc as the special ref.

- Prince Puma is backstage hitting heavy bags. Alberto El Patron comes in and says he should be watching Konnan.

Sexy Star vs. Big Ryck

Star dropkicks Ryck repeatedly and tries to Irish whip Ryck, but he doesn't budge. She comes off the top with a flying body press for two, and Ryck isn't happy. She rolls to the outside of the ring, and Ryck tries to get her to stay out. She slaps him and he sets her up for the uranage, but just holds her down for the pin.

Winner: Big Ryck via pinfall

The Crew comes in and attacks Ryck, but Sexy Star tries to make the save. She gets beat down and Ryck cleans house. He's earned a 3-on-1 match with The Crew.

Alberto El Patron vs. Texano Jr

El Patron starts off with a hip toss that sends Texano outside. As Texano slides back in, he boots Alberto. The advantage doesn't last long as Alberto scores with an enziguri and ten big punches before dumping Texano to the outside and landing a suicide dive.

Texano hits a big DDT outside the ring, and a dropkick inside but only gets a two count. The frustrated Texano starts to choke Alberto on the bottom rope and taunts the crowd. Alberto comes back with a big tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a lungblower, but Texano kicks out.

The two battle back and forth, and Alberto signals for the armbar. Texan spins out and gets a two count on a sitdown powerbomb. He unsuccessfully tries to hit Alberto with a cowbell, but eats a tornado DDT for his troubles. Alberto starts whipping him with the rope and gets DQ'd.

Winner: Texano Jr via DQ

Alberto El Patron stands tall after the match.

- The luchador we saw with the woman in the trunk last week is in Cueto's office and says he wants Mundo in a cage match next week. After he wins, he says he'll mount Mundo's head on Cueto's wall.