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The show gets rolling with a recap of last week's biggest moments, including the dust-up between Kevin Owens and Alex Riley at the announce table. The first segment features Riley encouraging William Regal to give him a shot at getting even with Owens. Regal says he can make it happen but adds that Riley needs to make up his mind as to whether or not he wants to be an announcer or a competitor because he can't do both.

Adam Rose hits the ramp with the Rosebuds and he's all set for some in-ring competition.

Adam Rose vs. Tyler Breeze

Rose chases Breeze around for a few minutes and then looks to the live crowd who chants "Breeze is gorgeous!" Breeze jumps at Rose and ends up getting caught by Rose and put down hard. They trade shots and Rose gets fires up as he tips the scales in his favor. But as he moves in for the kill, Breeze lands a huge shot and covers for the win.

Result: Tyler Breeze defeats Adam Rose via pinfall.

After the match, Breeze charges the Rosebuds with his selfie stick, pushing the entourage away to get backstage.

Enzo and Big Cass talk backstage about their rivalry with Blake and Murphy and then we get a Flintsones commercial.

Alexa talks about coming back to NXT and says she thinks somebody needs to show Sasha Banks who is really in charge. Tag action is nextů

Blake and Murphy vs. Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton

Murphy starts out against Fulton and cranks in a hold or two before Murphy hits the ropes and gets a tag on the sly. Blake puts Fulton on the mat but Sawyer comes back and tags in his partner. Angelo comes in against Murphy and ultimately falls to a big splash and three-count.

Result: Blake and Murphy win via pinfall.

Bayley wishes Charlotte good luck and then Emma comes in and makes a crack that Bayley should be in the title picture but lost at Takeover. The comment rubs Bayley the wrong way and Emma explains that she made the same mistake in WWE as she was too nice and happy. As a result, she's back in NXT now. Hard cheese.

A Rhyno package airs and the Baron Corbin heads out to the ring.

Baron Corbin vs. Tony Briggs

Briggs talks some smack but Corbin clocks him good and then hits the "End of Days," covering his opponent for the win.

Result: Baron Corbin defeats Tony Briggs via pinfall.

During the bout, Kevin Owens comes out from the back and takes up a position behind Riley, staring a hole into the announcer's back. The drama continues after the bell as Owens picks up Riley's water and dumps it on A-Ry's noggin. Riley gets up to fight and Albert holds him back as Owens walks off.

NXT shows some footage of Sami Zayn commenting on recent developments.

Alex Riley storms into Regal's office and quits as a commentator, saying he's ready to take on Owens. Regal says there's still some formalities to consider and that A-Ry doesn't get KO until Regal gives the say-so. CJ Parker laughs and says that Riley can't do anything to Owens and Riley says he'll start next week by kicking Parker's ass.

Solomon Crowe vs. Bull Dempsey

Dempsey dominates things for the first few minutes but Crowe comes back in a big way and gets on top. Dempsey tries to reign things in with a flying headbutt but Crowe dodges it and steps up his offense, ultimately getting the pinfall.

Result: Solomon Crowe defeats Bull Dempsey via pinfall.

Next up: The main eventů

NXT Women's title match: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

As the bell rings, the crowd chants indicate a relatively even split of fans for both women. Charlotte is ready to rumble and delivers enough shots early on to prompt Banks to leave the ring. Banks says she's leaving and tells the ref to count her out but Charlotte retrieves The Boss and works her over once they're back inside. Commercial sign.

After the break, Banks is back in the hunt and she puts Charlotte down for a crossface. Charlotte powers out puts Banks on the canvas. She misses with a moonsault, but tries to hit a follow up maneuver and hits Sasha's knees instead. Sasha comes back to life and lays into Charlotte in the corner and then she heads outside to stretch Charlotte around the ring post. Banks puts Charlotte into a submission hold with her knees in Charlotte's back as she stretches her backwards. Charlotte survives and goes at Banks again who locks in another hold. They grapple on the mat and Charlotte barely grabs the ropes to break this one. Charlotte gets a little daylight by dumping Sasha outside and gets back into the groove, hitting Banks with some solid offense as the fight continues. Charlotte gets a near fall and the ladies battle back and forth some more. Banks ends up in the figure four with her legs around the post and Charlotte hanging on from the outside. Charlotte tries for the Natural Selection but Banks dumps her off the top rope and covers for the win, getting a little leverage by putting her feet on the ropes.

Result: Sasha Banks defeats Charlotte via pinfall.

The show fades to black as Banks backs up the ramp, her eyes locked on Charlotte.

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