- Above and below are post-WWE Hall of Fame videos with Kevin Nash, The Bushwhackers and John Laurinaitis.

- WWE's website has an interview with former WWE Superstar Gangrel (David Heath) about his longtime friend, 2015 Hall of Famer Rikishi. Gangrel commented on working with Rikishi at their Knox Pro Wrestling School:

"It's awesome. It's like working with family. When we train people, we bring them up like family. To be honest, we're stealing their energy. There are all these young kids with hopes and dreams, while we're fading to the back. We feed off their energy."

- In the video below, Hulk Hogan talks with KRON in San Francisco earlier this week and teases surprises for WrestleMania 31 tonight. Hogan was asked if we can expect to see him out there in front of the crowd and he says they have a few "little surprises" planned. There has been speculation among fans that we could see some sort of Hulkamania vs. Axelmania angle with Hogan and Curtis Axel.

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