- Dario Cueto is in his office with Konnan and Prince Puma. He tells Puma to find two partners for the Trios tournament. He announces Cuerno will be his opponent tonight, and will be one of the member of the opposing team, too. Tonight's match will also be for the Lucha Underground World Title.

Trios Championship Tournament
Son of Havoc, Ivelisse & Angelico vs. Drago, Aerostar & Fenix

Fenix immediately drops Angelico with a big kick and Ivelisse makes the blind tag. Fenix refuses to hit her, and Angelico tags back in but gets kicked by Drago, who hits a springboard tornado DDT.

Aerostar hits an awesome splash on the top of Fenix's shoulders, who is on the top rope. He tries to pin, but his rival Drago pulls him off, as he wants the glory. This lets Aerostar get hit from behind.

Havoc tags himself in and has control, landing a standing star press. He goes and talks trash to Ivelisse, who tags herself in. Angelico gets back in shortly thereafter but is on the receiving end of a DDT and a dive by Drago. Angelico gets out of the way of a second one and causes Drago and Aerostar to collide.

Ivelisse hits the third DDT of the match, and one by one, people start diving outside. Finally, Ivelisse hits one to the outside and all hell breaks loose.

Havoc is getting double teamed and goes to tag Ivelisse, but she leaves him high and dry. Aerostar and Drago start arguing and slapping each other. Havoc takes advantage and hits a Shooting Star Press on Drago for the win.

Winners: Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico via pinfall (Shooting Star Press)

I'm not sure what the WWE was looking for that they didn't see in Ivelisse, but she has about every tool you could ask for.

- Konnan is in the gym with Prince Puma and says he wants Hernandez to be on their trios team, so they need to find one more guy. Johnny Mundo shows up and says he's the third guy. Konnan isn't happy.

Cueto comes out of his office and says that even though Star and Super Fly are friends, he wants them to go at it. To make sure they do, he's made this a mask vs. mask match!

Mask vs. Mask match
Sexy Star vs. Super Fly'

The two trade reversals, and reach a stalemate. Super Fly strikes first with a couple of big kicks and an elbow. Star ducks a clothesline and hits a sitout facebuster to gain control of the match.

Star drags Super Fly all around the ring by her hair, but Super Fly smacks her, dropping her to the ground. Star comes back with a flying headscissors, and follows up with a huge dive outside to the floor as the crowd chants.

Star hits several strikes to Super Fly and rolls him back inside, where she lands a sloppy Codebreaker. The two trade shots until Star hits a DDT for 2. Super Fly hits a powerbomb and misses a moonsault, which allows Star to pin him with a la magistral.

Winner: Sexy Star via pinfall (la magistral)

- Super Fly gets on his knees and has Star unmask him. Pentagon Jr comes out and kicks star, then hits the package piledriver on Super Fly, then breaks his arm.

Lucha Underground World Title
Prince Puma (c) (w/ Konnan) vs. King Cuerno (w/ Cage & Texano)

Cage & Texano join Cuerno, so there's one of your trios teams. Cuerno goes to work on the arm of Puma. He gets bounced outside and Puma tries to dive on all three but he gets caught and fed to Cuerno for a neckbreaker. Hernandez and Mundo come to make the save, but Texano keeps them at bay with his bullrope.

Vampiro hilariously buries Konnan on commentary as Texano and Cage help Cuerno cheat in the corner. Puma gets a second win and takes it to Cuerno with clotheslines and kicks before being sent outside and hit with a huge dive.

Johnny Mundo hits a big dive that sees him somersault kick Texano in the head and land on Cuerno. Cage and Hernandez square off but nothing comes from it. Back inside the ring Cuerno lands a big spinning blue thunder bomb that gets two. A brainbuster can't finish it either.

Hernandez distracts the ref, and Puma isn't happy with it. He lands the 630 anyway for the pinfall.

Winner: Prince Puma via pinfall (630) to retain the Lucha Underground World Title

Puma isn't happy about Hernandez helping. Cage attacks them from behind, and all hell breaks loose to end the show.

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