Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of Lucha Underground. With the company's first season looking to wrap up in August, expect things to heat up soon.

- Dario Cueto is on the top of the Temple, where he discovers Aerostar. He says that Drago gets his motivation from Hell, whereas Aerostar gets his from the stars and the sky.

Trios Championship Tournament
Texano Jr, Cage, King Cuerno vs. Prince Puma, Hernandez & Johnny Mundo

Hernandez and Cuerno start out, with Hernandez using his power advantage to embarrass Cuerno. Texano tags in, but gets abused by the kicks of Johnny Mundo, but manages to kick out at just two.

Puma is tagged in but gets worked over, as the cameras show what looks to be Shawn Daivari at ringside. Hernandez comes in and clean house, and this match is anarchy. Mundo is the next guy to clear the ring, but Texano hits a spinebuster for two.

Texano locks on a single leg crab on Mundo and tags in Cuerno, who goes to work on Mundo. The heels are making quick tags in and out, and Cuerno accidentally kicks Cage as Prince Puma gets tagged in and dominates the field. Hernandez also hits a huge dive. Mundo and Puma follow suit.

It's an all out war in the ring, as everyone takes turns hitting a corner move in a really cool spot. Texano is lurking outside with the bullrope, and clocks Mundo with it. Cuerno hits Thrill of the Hunt on Puma for the win.

Winners: King Cuerno, Cage & Texano Jr via pinfall (Thrill of the Hunt)

- Cueto comes out and says he wants a preview of next weeks match, so there's a triple threat up next.

Cage vs. Mack vs. Son of Havoc

Both Mack and Havoc go after Cage early, but he fights both off. Cage hits a nasty flapjack on Son of Havoc hits a floatover Zig Zag that really gets the crowd going. Cage quickly drops both opponents, but Mack comes back with a leg lariat and a T-bone suplex.

Mack is knocked off the top rope, and Havoc locks on an Armbar on Cage. Mack comes through and attacks both men. The three then set up a tower of doom that leaves everyone laying.

Havoc hits a double foot stomp to Cage and a dive to Mack. Cage catches Havoc mid-suicide dive with a vertical suplex. Havoc misses a shooting star press when Cage pulls Mack out of the way. Cage hits Weapon X for the win.

Winner: Cage via pinfall (Weapon X)

- Cueto sees Drago backstage and puts over the "unique opportunity" that he and Aerostar are fighting for.

- Pentagon is in the ring, and says he dedicates his next sacrifice to his master. He attacks the female ring announcer and Vampiro goes to help her, but Sexy Star gets there first.

Best of five series (tied at 2-2)
Drago vs. Aerostar

Drago lands a brainbuster right out of the gate, but doesn't get the pin. Aerostar gets dropkicked in the tree of woe, then Drago lands a reverse sitdown powerbomb for two as Dario Cueto watches with great joy.

Aerostar knocks Drago outside and lands his awesome Trust Fall dive. Back inside Drago takes control shortly, until Aerostar connects with a huge DDT that gets a two count. He then hits a unique corner-top rope senton that also gets a two.

Aerostar hits his swan dive splash, but Drago kicks out. Drago dropkicks Aerostar to ringside and goes after him. He grabs a table from underneath the ring, and Cueto looks happy about it. Drago ends up on the table and Aerostar nearly cripples himself with a dive to the outside. Back inside a springboard senton gets two.

Both men get love from the crowd, and Aerostar keeps trying to pin Drago, but can't get it done. Drago fights back with a dropkick that leaves both men on the ground. Drago lands his flipping DDT and Tail of the Dragon for the pin. The two get a huge ovation from the crowd.

Winner: Drago via pinfall (Tail of the Dragon) to win the best of five series, 3-2

Dario Cueto comes in the ring and says the "unique opportunity" will be a Lucha Underground world title match. If Drago loses, he's banned from the Temple.

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