Lucha Underground Results (5/13): Alberto El Patron Vs. Hernandez, 6-Way Match, Jack Evans Debut

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of Lucha Underground! This week Alberto El Patron and Hernandez do battle, with the winner gaining a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship!

- We see a recap of the issues surrounding the number one contendership. Vampiro and Matt Striker also hype a debut coming tonight.

- Cueto is at his brother's cage and says he's bought medallions that can make one man as strong as his brother. His brother doesn't seem happy about it.

Aerostar vs. Jack Evans

Evans is in the ring doing gymnastics and Aerostar dropkicks him to stop it. He follows up with a rope walk huracanrana that gets a two count. Evans misses a big dive, and Aersostar hits one of his own as Vampiro warns fans to not try any of this. Keep in mind Vampiro wasn't trained for a long time. Evans is working as a heel as he lands a throw and a big kick to the back of the head.

Evans locks on an STF, but Aerostar is able to get to the ropes. He follows up with a corkscrew splash for a two count, then a German suplex. He's launched over the top rope and Aerostar dives out. Evans still manages to hit a beautiful 450 splash off of the guardrail-balcony area. Back in the ring, Aerostar hits a Canadian Destroyer for a win. This match was all out.

Winner: Aerostar via pinfall (Canadian Destroyer)

- Mack is shown asking Big Ryck how he got his money. Ryck says big fancy moves like Mack's didn't win them the titles, and business and business. Ryck says he only cares about money.

- There are a lot of people in the ring, and Dario Cueto tells them they're competing for one of the Aztec medallions, which means immortality.

Aztec Medallion
Killshot vs. Sexy Star vs. Pentagon vs. Fenix vs. King Cuerno vs. The Mack

Well, this isn't going to be easy to cover. Pentagon and Fenix go at it and Pentagon scores with a Slingblade for a quick two count. Fenix answers with a huracanrana that sends Fenix down to the floor. Back inside the ring, Cuerno and Killshot are battling until Cuerno hits a dropkick.

Cage hits a 619 of all things on Killshot, and he and Cuerno then hit suplexes on Killshot and Mack. This is all out mayhem. Fenix and Pentagon score with double foot stomps in stereo, while Cuerno and Cage double team Sext Star as well. Cuerno hits his finish on Killshot, but Star breaks it up. This result in Pentagon kicking the hell out of her.

Mack with a moonsault for two, Fenix with a big plancha, Cage with a discus clothesline, and the action is non-stop. Fenix ends up caught in a Cage suplex, but Killshot jumps out on to Fenix, and it ends up being a suplex/bodypress onto the floor. Cuerno hits the Arrow of Death on Killshow. Back inside, Fenix hits a standing moonsault for the win.

Winner: Fenix via pinfall

- Cueto meets with Ivelisse, Angelico and Son of Havoc. Cueto says that The Crew will get another shot. This doesn't bother Ivelisse, who has a broken ankle. She says she only needs her hands to beat them up. Cueto says that isn't the case, as it will be a ladder match.

- Fenix is backstage and encounters Catrina. She says that he fell into her trap, and Fenix winning the medallion gave Muertes the life he seeks. A bunch of masked guys converge on Fenix. This was weird.

Number One Contender's Match
Alberto El Patron vs. Hernandez

The two both work each other into the corners, but each makes a break. Patron moves out of the corner and hits a few clotheslines, followed by a backstabber that gets a two count. Hernandez responds by brawling back with clubbing blows before choking Patron.

Patron comes back with a superkick for two. He goes for an armbar, but Johnny Mundo comes and DDT's him on the arena floor. Mundo gives Patron the ol' Marty Jannetty into Cueto's office. Hernandez gets an easy pin.

Winner: Hernandez via pinfall

Patron is shown getting medical attention to close the show.