Team B.A.D (w/ Tamina) vs. Bella Twins (w/ Alicia Fox)

Nikki Bella takes Naomi down with an arm drag and a spinebuster, but she kicks out. The twins hit Naomi with a double flapjack, but Naomi fights back and tags Sasha in, who gets put into a headscissors by Nikki, while the champ does pushups. Brie then goes for the Brie mode knee, but gets superkicked by Tamina as we go to commercial.

We come back to see Sasha controlling Brie Bella, including hitting her brutal double knees in the corner. BAD double teams Brie for a couple of minutes until Brie manages to knock Naomi out of the ring. Nikki gets the hot tag and runs wild, getting Naomi with the Alabamaslam. Sasha breaks up a Rack Attack, but Brie tackles her, then she and Fox take out Tamina. Nikki hits the Rack attack on Naomi for the pin.

Winners: Bella Twins via pinall (Rack Attack)

- We see a recap of Undertaker/ Brock Lesnar mayhem.

Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro

Rollins goes after Cesaro out of the gate, sending him outside as we go to a commercial. We come back to see Rollins handling Cesaro, getting a two after a clothesline. Cesaro comes back with big uppercuts, but gets cut down by Rollins throwing big knees.

Rollins eats a dropkick for a two count, and fights back with a turnbuckle Bomb. A Pedigree is turned into a Sharpshooter, then a crossface in the middle of the ring. Rollins gets to the rope, lands a big kick, but is victim to a pop-uppercut for a two count. Rollins grabs his belt and tries to leave, but gets a big uppercut. The ref is tossing the belt out and Rollins gives Cesaro a thumb to the eye and a Pedigree for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins via pinfall (Pedigree)

Owens comes to the ring and attacks Cesaro after the match, landing a pop-up powerbomb on Cesaro.

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