Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of WWE Superstars! Former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger will take on Bo Dallas in the main event.

- We start off with the Roddy Piper tribute video.

Heath Slater vs. Fandango

After seeing these two work together on Swerved, I'm convinced they should be a team. Either wa y, Fandango dropkicks Slater repeatedly, sending Slater outside. Fandango follows outside with a slingshot body press. Outside, Heath Slater gains the advantage, and rolls Fandango back inside where he applies a chinlock.

Fandango fights out and snaps several jabs to the face of Slater. A big spinning heel kick to the face of Slater almost gets three, but he kicks out. Slater returns the favor, but meets the same fate of a two count. Fandango wins with a Falcon Arrow.

Winner: Fandango via pinfall (Falcon Arrow)

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Jack Swagger vs. Bo Dallas

Bo grabs an early headlock and controls Swagger. Jack keeps trying to get out of the headlock, but Dallas goes right back to it, throwing a takedown in here and there. Swagger clocks him with a clotheslines and a Vader Bomb, but Dallas kicks out at two. Swagger goes for a Patriot Lock, but eats a Flatliner from Dallas for two. Dallas misses a Bo Dog and gets put in the Patriot Lock and taps out.

Winner: Jack Swagger via submission (Patriot Lock)

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