We mentioned earlier that today marks the tenth anniversary of Eddie Guerrero's untimely passing. Several Superstars, wrestlers, announcers, writers and other personalities have chimed in on the anniversary.

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#eddieguerrero Viva La Raza!!!

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Today is the 10 yr anniversary of Eddie's passing. I say passing & not death because u only die when no one remembers u & when u don't have an Impact on anyone anymore. Well, as u all know, Eddie has had SUCH an impact on people. I hear it everyday, of how much Eddie affected their lives. I'm glad that the "Real" Eddie came through his wrestling persona. Eddie had the BIGGEST heart of anyone I have ever known. He loved BIGGER than anyone I be ever known. I've learned so much for my Big Brother,& I continue to learn ever day. "I'm trying Ed. I'm almost there. It's been a struggle but it will only help me appreciate it more when I get there. I only wish u were here to see me. In a way u are. I guess what I'm trying to say, is I wish u were here so I could see U" I know I will soon! Love u & miss u Ewis!

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