- As noted, NXT head trainer Matthew Bloom (a.k.a. Tensai, Jason Albert) has a starring role in The Dog Wedding, a romantic comedy about a German businesswoman (Rosalie Thomass) who falls for an American wrestler (Bloom) while planning their English Bulldogs wedding. The movie this Saturday, November 21st at The Auditorium On Broadway, 1871 Broadway, at 5:30pm. Mr. Bloom and Ms. Thomass will attend, as will their co-stars and the filmmakers. A limited number of $15 tickets are available to the public at thedogwedding.ticketleap.com/ny, with 100% of ticket sales going to Canine Companions for Independence and Long Island Bulldog Rescue.

"The movie is about how dogs bring people together, even those you would least expect," said Mr. Bloom. "I've had bulldogs my whole life and we've made all kinds of friends at the dog park. I can¹t wait to share this film with the world."

- 2K today announced availability of the latest update for WWE SuperCard Season 2. The update includes Season 2's robust roster of WWE Superstars, Divas, Legends and Managers, as well as NXT Superstars and Divas, through the introduction of more than 50 cards in the game's new Survivor tier:

Additional WWE SuperCard Season 2 updates include the following:

  • Team-Based People's Champion Challenge (PCC): Players can now compete in PCC events while playing as a team;

  • Team Customization: Players can customize several visual elements surrounding their team's MVPs to reflect individual styles;

  • Card Image Swapper: Players can change in-game images to highlight WWE favorites across their respective cards, regardless of tier. Example: a player with Common and Rare Undertaker cards may put the Rare image on the Common card (or vice versa).

Below are some screenshots from the update, you can check out all 16 screenshots on our Instagram account at Instagram.com/WrestlingINC:

The Roman Empire in WWE Supercard

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Your NXT Champion

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The Boss!

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The Excellence of Supercard Execution

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The always classy Miss Elizabeth

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