Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

Matt Hardy opens the show. He makes fun of the fans. He says all he wants to do is bring good business to Impact. Tyrus then talks and says EC3 needed him to be a success. He calls him weak and a coward. Matt demands a meeting with Dixie Carter. He wants several people fired for last week. He wants Ethan Carter gone too.

Bram vs Lashley

Lashley won with the spear. Young got involved near the end of the match and tried to hit Lashley with the KOTM belt, but got Bram accidentally.

Winner: Lashley

Reby complains backstage about Dixie. She says she's weak and that Matt should be able to get her to do whatever she wants. Tyrus says he's ready for anything Carter might try when he shows up.

Angle comes out and thanks the fans. This was better when Daniel Bryan did it. Maria shows up and mocks Kurt. She says he's faking all his emotions. Bennett appears and gets in the ring to confront him. He says he was a fan of Angle as a kid and studied him all the time. He also dreamed about beating Angle. Angle tells Maris she's gorgeous but has awful taste in men. Angle attacks Bennett and says he has no respect. Maria freaks out a lot.

Beer Money appear backstage. Storm tells Roode he intends to cash in his Feast or Fired briefcase.

Tigre Uno vs. Trevor Lee

Lee won with the Fisherman's Buster to retain the belt after Shane Helms ran in and distracted Tigre Uno.

Winner: Trevor Lee

Beer Money come out and challenge the Wolves. Steve and Abyss appear instead. Their valet Rosemary says The Decay stole the belts. So, um, I guess that means they own them now? I'm not sure of the legal technicalities here. Beer Money gets mad and a match is made...now!

Beer Money vs. The Decay

The match ended in DQ when Abyss went after the referee. Abyss and Stee were going after Beer Money when the Wolves, armed with steel chairs, ran in for the save. The wolves gave the Decay a Monster's Ball title match for next week's show.

Winner: Beer Money

Reby talks to Dixie in her office. She defends Matt and says the man is just trying to provide for his family. She wants Dixie to see Matt's side of things for once.

Grado jumps into the ring and complains about getting fired three weeks ago. TNA security, led by Eli Drake, go after him but he gets away. This was crazy.

Galloway promo. He wants to beat Angle tonight.

Madison Rayne vs. Jade

Jade won with the Cradle Piledriver after Marti and Rebel distracted Madison. They continued to go after Madison until Kim made the save.

Winner: Jade

We see security kick Grado out. Eli confronted him beforehand and attacked him.

Drew Galloway vs. Kurt Angle

Drew won when he made Angle tap out to the crossface. The match was great. Kurt was going mental with suplexes early on and even Angle Slammed Galloway onto the steel steps at one point. Both guys shook hands after it was over.

Winner: Drew Galloway

Matt, Reby and Tyrus storm out to the ring and demand to talk to Dixie. Dixie is out now. Matt yells at her and tells her she has to fire Carter right now. Spud appears and tells Matt he can't talk to Dixie that way. He also defends Ethan Carter. Tyrus attacks Spud. Matt continues to threaten and mock Dixie when Carter runs out. He attacks Tyrus as security drags him off. Matt makes a quick exit from the ring. So I guess Carter is Steve Austin.

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