Former TNA Knockout Hit In Her Trailer By Passed Out Drunk Driver

Former TNA Knockout ODB posted a video on Periscope stating that she was hit by a drunk driver this morning at 4:30 am. She said that she left a bar in the Tampa area and passed out in her Airstream travel trailer. At 4:30, a drunk woman hit the trailer.

"It sucked because I was sleeping, and my head was where she hit," ODB said.

ODB said that she had to wake up the woman, who was wearing "a hoochie dress." She noted that the woman had a beer in the car and was passed out, and she urinated herself when police tried to wake her up. She said that if the Airstream wasn't there, the woman likely would have plowed through the bar and died.

ODB noted that she was fine, although she got a dent in her Airstream. She did say her neck was hurting a little after the incident.

You can check out the full story on Periscope by clicking here.

Jay Taylor and robert macias contributed to this article.