Former WWE Champion Mick Foley has made no secret his affection for women's wrestling, particularly in the WWE. However, a few months ago following Tough Enough, he had some harsh words for contestant Amanda Saccomanno.

After Saccomanno accused eventual winner Sara Lee of being a 'ring rat,' saying "I get a rep because of the way I look, and I think it's kind of funny because maybe the reason she's so 'likable,' because of being at the barracks every weekend practicing her moves, she's playing ring rat."

Foley said that he encountered former Tough Enough contestant Chelsea Green lately, who told him that Saccomanno was nothing like what was being portrayed on the Tough Enough Program. Foley said he could also relate to her fearing that not using the suggestion could cost her in the long run.

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Foley said that he has apologized to Amanda, who was later hired by the WWE and given the name Mandy Rose. The apology was accepted unconditionally, but Foley said he felt he owed Amanda a much longer, public explanation.

You can see Foley's Facebook post below:

AN APOLOGY TO AMANDASeveral months ago, I was pretty tough on Amanda, based on a comment she made during the finale...

Posted by Mick Foley on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

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