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Dixie Carter opens the show. The roster is surrounding her. She brings Kurt to the ring, one last time. She thanks him for what he's done for TNA. Galloway also thanks him for being an inspiration to all the wrestlers in the company. Kurt says he came here ten years looking for himself. He says he's a far better man now because of TNA. Lashley appears. He thanks Kurt too. But asks: Is he ready to wrestle him later tonight?

Eric Young vs. Osprey vs. Big Damo vs. Bram vs. Jimmy Hacov

Young retained his King of the Mountain belt when he hit a neck breaker on Osprey then climbed the ladder to retrieve his title. Young vs. Jeff Hardy is announced for next week.

Winner: Eric Young

We get a highlight video of Kurt vs. Samoa Joe.

Maria talks to Dixie Carter. She wants a leadership role in the division. Dixie wants to see more from her before she gives her that role. Dixie says she believes in actions, not words. Maria is irate.

Goth-style Decay video airs.

Bennett and Maria come out. Bennett trashes Angle and calls him a cheat. He says the company needs him more than ever now. He also says he has his eye on the WHC. He demands to see Dixie Carter so she can give him the title shot. Out comes Galloway instead. Galloway tells him to stop talking and start fighting. They brawl, but Bennett gets out of their as soon as he can. Well, he is the heel I guess.

Another Kurt Angle clip is down. From Slammiversary.

Angle talks to Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. They thank him for all he's done and call it an honor to share the same locker room as him. Angle bestows the Ankle lock on Davey. He offers to give them some advice in the future.

Gail Kim vs. Jade

Gail retained with a reversal. Jade looked good here and we're getting some hints this is on the beginning on their feud, thankfully. They should have probably given her a decent entrance, though.

Winner: Gail Kim

Clips of Spud/Carter from last week air.

Matt Hardy is not happy with the news that EC3 is getting another title shot next week.

Beer Money vs. The Wolves
Beer Money won with the DWI to become the new champions. Richards used the Ankle lock at one point, but Roode was able to get to the ropes and break it. Richards might have gotten hurt, going by how he had to get helped to the back.

Winner: Beer Money

Lashley talks to Galloway. He tells him with Angle gone TNA will need a new top dog. He implies Drew isn't ready for the spot.

A video airs of fans on YouTube thanking Kurt for the past 10 years.

Angle threats Bennett backstage and tells him he'd better hope he never returns. Bennett says Lashley is going to beat him up.

Grado appears and again talks about having the video proof to show why his firing was wrong. Drake and Godderz beat him up for a little while. But Eli accidentally strikes Jesse with the briefcase. Grado grabs it and runs away.

Angle tribute video airs.

Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Lashley

Lashley won with the spear in Angle's final televised match. Afterwards, they hugged. Then Lashley turned heel and speared him. And again. Galloway ran out for the save, but got speared too. Same thing happened to Eddie Edwards. Carter ran out and stared Lashley down to close the show.

Winner: Lashley

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