Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live LU Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

As noted last week, Fenix is kicking off Aztec Warfare 2 at #1. Mysterio is #2. This is Rey's official debut in LU. Cuerno is #3. Argenis is #4. Rey gets rid of Argenis with the quick 619 move. Argenis was in less than a minute. Mundo is in at #5. Joey Ryan is at #6. He handcuffs himself to the barricade.

Prince Puma is #7. Jack Evans is #8. Rey eliminates Cuerno. Rey and Mundo clash. Taya is in at #9. Cage is in at number #10. He goes through an office window but still lays out Mundo. Mascarita at #11. Marty the Moth at #12. Drago at #13. Mack at #14. Marty the Moth is eliminated by Macarita and Rey. Mundo eliminates Cage with the cinder block.

Chavo Guerrero is in at #15. PJ Black is in at #16. Aero comes in at #17. Taya is eliminated. Dragon Azteca comes in next. Texano is out and clears the ring with a bullrope. Black is eliminated. Texano and Rey are now fighting. Mil Muertes at #20. Pentagon Jr attacks him as he comes down. Rey and Puma get rid of him. Ryan is eliminated.

Fenix, Aero, Msck and Texano are gone. Then Dragon is eliminated. Chavo is gone. Puma is out. Rey gets caught in the 619 and is eliminated too. Matanza Cueto wins and is the new champion.

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