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Jay Lethal & Tetsuya Naito (w/ Bushi & Truth Martini) vs. Okada & Yoshi Hashi

Lethal and Okada start out and trade holds until Lethal shoulder blocks Okada. Lethal misses a Lethal Injection, but blocks a Rainmaker before a cartwheel dropkick. Naito and Lethal have words before the break. When we come back, we see Naito tag in for about two seconds before making Lethal come back in. Yoshi Hashi gets tagged in and beaten down by the heels for a couple of minutes.

Okada makes the tag to save Hashi and flapjacks Okada and DDTs Naito. Okada gets a flying elbow on Naito, but Lethal comes back with a Lethal Combination. Naito and Lethal go back to double teaming Okada, but Okada fires back with a dropkick and tags Hashi, who dominates Lethal with a suplex neckbreaker and a running cradle. Hashi hits a somersault neckbreaker on Lethal, but Martini grabs his leg. Lethal gets the Lethal Injection for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal & Tetsuya Naito via pinfall (Lethal Injection)

Naito beats the hell out of Hashi with the Book of Truth after the match. Lethal and Nairo face off after the match but shake hands. Naito trades the Los Ingobernables hat for the Book of Truth.

KUSHIDA vs. Kazarian

KUSHIDA immediately grabs a double wristlock, but Kaz gets to the ropes. Kaz cheap shots KUSHIDA and works him over before getting bounced outside. KUSHIDA hits a flip dive onto Kaz on the outside, then locks on a triangle inside the ring. They trade strikes, which ends in KUSHIDA taking advantage, but Kazarian lands a Queen Suplex for a two. KUSHIDA gets a double wristlock armbreaker on Kazarian, then applies the Hoverboard Lock for the submission win.

Winner: KUSHIDA via submission (Hoverboard Lock)

- We see an incredible segment where Mark Briscoe is on the streets of Japan searching for Godzilla, trying to find things to eat and enjoying the scenery.

Bullet Club Elite vs. ReDRagon & Katsuyori Shibata

Omega jumps Shibata, and ReDRagon apply armbars to the Bucks. Omega makes it back to the ring, but Shibata applies an armbar to him too. Omega powerbombs Shibata onto ReDRagon to break the submissions. The Bucks and Omega all do dives to the outside that lead to the commercial break.

Bobby Fish is worked over until O'Reilly gets tagged in and ReDRagon repeatedly hit splashes and a backbreaker/knee drop. Bucks and ReDRagon take each other out and Omega and Shibata go at it. Omega steals Shibata's signature corner spot but gets kicked in the face for doing so. Omega fights back, but gets dropkicked to the mat.

O'Reilly gets another tag and beats down the Bucks with a double dragon screw. Omega flapjacks O'Reilly and the Bucks superkick Fish, but they accidentally kick Omega. O'Reilly gets superkicked but clotheslines one of the Bucks, then reverses a One Winged Angel into a guillotine. Matt Jackson superkicks Shibata and uses the cold spray in Kyle's Face, which sets up a Bullet Club Special No. 2 for the win.

Winner: Bullet Club Elite via pinfall (Bullet Club Special No. 2)

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