Former WWE writer Vince Russo is often outspoken about his thoughts on professional wrestling, and this past week's Monday Night Raw was no exception. On Monday's Wrestling Inc. Podcast, Russo detailed a conversation that he had with a current WWE employee.

"I'm good friends with Road Dogg. We follow each other on Twitter, DM each other occasionally. He went online last week and insinuated that I personally hate on WWE to draw attention and draw an audience. I wrote him back and said 'with all due respect, if something's good, I put it over,' If that's your definition of a hater, then I guess I'm a hater. What on tonight's show with a straight face would Brian James want Vince Russo to put over?," Russo asked. "I watched it with an open mind, didn't say anything negative on Twitter all night long, I'm begging for somebody to tell me what I'm supposed to put over on this show."

With WWE's ratings falling, their online presence has increased. Russo said when he was writing, hoping that the audience would simply catch clips of Raw on Youtube wasn't an option for the team.

"It wasn't (an option). That is literally giving up, we lose, we're going to accept a loss, we're going to tuck our tail between our legs and we're going to go home quietly. That's not the Vince McMahon I worked for. That wasn't the guy full of piss and vinegar. They went into tonight defeated before the show started," Russo said.

Russo then made a bold prediction, that Raw could fall below a 2.0 rating soon if they continue the trend they're on.

"When you have the semifinals of the NBA up against you, and you put zero effort into your show, you deserve to fall below a 2.0," Russo said.

Topics for this special, 100th episode of the Wrestling Inc. Podcast include:

Topics include:

- Monday Night Raw
- Extreme Rules this Sunday
- New Day's time machine.
- Will Shining Stars succeed?
- The first ever asylum match
- Reigns vs. AJ Styles angle
- UFC 198
- Emma's injury
- Extreme Rules predictions
- Viewer questions

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