Thanks to Mike Lennon and Vince Snyder ( @VinceKage ) for the following Ring of Honor live event results from Saturday and Sunday's shows:

Saturday (6/11) from the Eisenhower Community Center in Hopkins, MN By Vince Snyder

Lighter crowd than usual here. ROH World Tag Team Champions the Addiction (Kazarian and Daniels) were at the merch booth before the show, selling autographed versions of their comic book. They were super friendly and it was great ot meet them and shake their hands.

Autograph signings this time around were reDRagon, War Machine, the Young Bucks, and Roppongi Vice. I couldn't resist temptation to meet Trent and Rocky Romero. Super chill dudes.

Before the show: Danny Duggan def. Shaheem Ali in a solid dark match.

The gorgeous Scarlett Bordeaux is doing the ring announcing for this evening. Wonderful. Unfortunately the first news we get is that Adam Cole has pneumonia, so he won't be wrestling Chris Sabin tonight. Steve Corino will be here for a promo, and BJ Whitmer is replacing him on commentary. No one likes Whitmer.

Juice Robinson, fka CJ Parker in NXT, came out representing NJPW to take on Dalton Castle to get things started. Good comedy bits involving the boys, with Juice getting pretty touchy. Even a guy like Castle couldn't handle it.
Dalton Castle def. Juice Robinson with a Bang-A-Rang.

After the match, ROH World Television Champion Bobby Fish comes out for a live "Fish Tank" and its becoming clear this crowd isn't the greatest, but they pop occasionally. This bit was pretty funny, with the two talking about being friends, and hyping their TV Title match at Best in the World. It ends with Fish patronizing Castle, and Castle cancelling their brunch plans. This went on a bit too long, but wasn't bad.

Will Ferrara heads out for the next match, which is against Chris Sabin. I love Will Ferrara, don't get me wrong, but him replacing Adam Cole means that he was the only guy not scheduled for tonight that was with them. Despite that, Will did great. Probably the best match of his career, honestly. He held his own, and Sabin is great to see live.
Chris Sabin def. Will Ferrara with the Cradle Shock.

Tag Wars 2016 Match One
Beer City Bruiser & Silas Young vs. Moose & Lio Rush vs. War Machine

Christopher Daniels out for commentary here. Lots of normal big man stuff, but yo u had to expect that with Bruiser, Moose, Hanson, and Rowe in the match. Lio Rush was the true star of this one. He was truly impressive, and did a spot where he power slammed both Hanson and Rowe, then couldn't slam Bruiser, only to put the huge man up on his shoulders! The crowd ate this up, and it looked awesome. Eventually, Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser killed Rush with a tag team combo and got the win. Not sure why, but they had massive heat.

Winners: BC Bruiser/Silas Young

ACH vs. Alex Shelley is up next.

I was very excited for this one heading into the show, and it didn't disappoint. ACH was dressed like Luffy from One Piece. These two had great chemistry, and it was a clear passing of the torch from Shelley. ACH won with the Midnight Star after a good back and forth bout.

ACH def. Alex Shelley with the Midnight Star (450 Splash).

Post-Match promo from Shelley to put over ACH BIG TIME. He said this kid is the future of ROH, and he's considered the third member of MCMG if they ever need one. Honestly, I have no reason to disagree.

15-minute intermission.

A Steve Corino promo opens the second half. Good work from him to hype he and BJH Whitmer facing off at Best in the World, but the crowd wasn't feeling most of it.

Donovan Dijak w/Prince Nana vs. Cheeseburger is next up.
Cheeseburger is insanely over, as usual. Dijak leaving the House of Truth just to play the same gimmick with a different manager makes no sense. They teased Burger winning a few times in order to excite the crowd, but Dijak finishes this one with the Feast Your Eyes.

Donovan Dijak def. Cheeseburger with Feast Your Eyes.

Tag Wars 2016 Match Two
All Night Express vs. Roppongi Vice vs. The Young Bucks

Frankie Kazarian was on commentary this time. You know this one is about to be exciting. ANX get good heat, RPG Vice get a good reaction, and the Bucks receive an insane ovation. Kenny King cuts a promo before the match, saying the Bucks are whats wrong with wrestling, and points out that last time they were here they had one of the Bucks pinned for 14 seconds when the referee wasn't available. They ask RPG Vice to help them out in this one, but Trent heads out into the bleachers. He shook my hand and said what's up.

The match did its job to sell the Bucks injuries, and RPG Vice helped ANX beat them down for awhile. Eventually, The Bucks kicked everyone and landed the Meltzer Driver on Trent, but ANX managed to steal the pin. Massive heat again.
Winners: All Night Express

Michael Elgin faces Japanese star Kamaitachi in the next one.

Very vocal Big Mike dissenters in the audience ruined the fun of this one for everyone, because these two really put on a great match. A few this is awesome chants towards the end, and the contrast of styles was great to see. Kamaitachi was awesome, and kicked out of quite a bit of painful stuff from Big Mike. A couple Elgin Bombs put him away in the end of it.

Michael Elgin def. Kamaitachi with two Elgin Bombs.

Post match, a ref brought out some ice packs for Kamaitachi but Elgin threw them to the outside in order to help Kama up and raise his arm? Yeah, not sure why he had throw the ice packs but it was a good sign of respect nevertheless.

Main Event: Tag Wars 2016 Match Three
The Briscoes vs. reDRagon vs. Roderick Strong & Jay Lethal

Christopher Daniels back out for commentary, and he cut a short anti-Hopkins promo before the match. Definitely felt like a man event, and all of these guys did very well. Not much else to say, except that these are clearly the main event players in Ring of Honor. Good setup for Lethal/Briscoe to hype their match-up at Best in the World. The Briscoes ended up getting the win when the Young Bucks came out and landed a Double Superkick to Jay Lethal, which distracted Roddy. He turned around to the Jay Driller.

Winners: The Briscoes

Tomorrow night in Milwaukee, Beer City Bruiser & Silas Young vs. All Night Express vs. The Briscoes in the finals of Tag Wars 2016. The winners face the winners of the Addiction/Motor City Machine Guns title match at Best in the World.

Sunday (6/12) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Mike Lennon:

* Cheeseburger beat Danny Duggan

* Steve Corino cut a promo on BJ Whitmer

* ROH Tag Team Champions The Addiction retained over Kaimatachi and Juice Robinson

* Dalton Castle beat Will Ferrara

* The Motor City Machine Guns beat Moose and Lio Rush

* Donovan Dijak beat Trent Baretta

* BJ Whitmer comes out and says Corino was attacked backstage. Corino is brought out tied up and BJ cuts a promo on him

* Kyle O'Reilly beat Roderick Strong, ACH and Michael Elgin

* War Machine beat Curt Stallion and Jared Jackson

* Bobby Fish beat Rocky Romero

* Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser beat The Briscoes and Rhett Titus & Kenny King. After the match, The Addiction attacked Bruiser and Silas but got ran off

* ROH Champion Jay Lethal and Colt Cabana beat The Young Bucks

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