- The video above looks at Tajiri and Brian Kendrick returning to WWE for the Cruiserweight Classic. The promo features comments from Kendrick, who discussed his WWE release and return.

"When I had the world in my hands, I let it slip through my fingers because I was busy patting myself on the back," Kendrick said. "I was released because I was an animal, and deservedly released. To have a second chance, it gives me a new lease on life because without wrestling, I'm just living. I've been wrestling since 1999 consistently, and it's all leading up to this moment right now. If I fall short, then I guess that's my life, falling short."

- Alberto Del Rio is wrapping up his promotional tour of India today. During the tour, he spoke to the International Business Times about the importance of India to WWE.

"India is one of the most important markets for the WWE and we want to make the already existing fanbase grow further. Several people from our company have come in the past and we have plans to come again in September too," Del Rio said. "We just want to take wrestling to anywhere in the world where we feel it can be properly marketed and India is one of those countries."

- Zee News has a story at this link about Del Rio playing cricket with physically challenged children in Bangalore.

- Below is another CWC video profiling Noam Dar from Scotland, who is the first Israeli born wrestler to compete in a WWE ring.

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