Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio recently came down to India to promote WWE 2K17. Del Rio was present in Bengaluru on the 8th and 9th, and we managed to catch up with him for an exclusive interview.

Del Rio also mentioned that WWE will be returning to India next year in September for a couple of live events, and was excited to see thousands of passionate fans flocking him. During our conversation, Del Rio opened up about the WWE 2K17 game, if the expectations of an entire nation weighs him down, working with Kevin Owens and more.

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This year's game includes Bill Goldberg as a playable character. What do you make of that, and how 2K has brought back fan favorites such as Goldberg and The Ultimate Warrior?

I think it's always a good thing for all the wrestling fans or the gamers (WWE video game fans) to have legends from the past in the video game. Because most of them grew up watching them in the ring, and the fact that the company decides to use them as a part of the video game with all of us makes it more special for all the fans.

As someone who represents a whole nation in the biggest sports entertainment organization in the world, do you feel any pressure while going out to perform?

No, not at all. For me, it's really easy. It comes natural as I come from a wrestling family. People sometimes ask me if I get nervous when I go to the ring I don't. I've never ever been nervous in my life. I remember my grandfather used to tell me that the people who don't really know what they're doing get nervous. I know what I'm doing in the ring all the time, so for me it comes naturally to be there and do what I do.

You were a dark horse going into Royal Rumble back in 2011. When were you informed that you would be winning the biggest Royal Rumble edition in history? And what was your initial reaction?

Oh it was fantastic, you know? The vibe in that building that night was fantastic. I accomplished something that not many people can say they've accomplished. It was the biggest Royal Rumble in history, and it was the beginning of the Alberto Del Rio story, and I could say that was one of my favorite moments in my career.

You're involved in a program which recently saw you and Kevin Owens trash talk each other in your native tongue. Can you tell us how Kevin Owens is behind the cameras?

Oh he's a pretty cool guy, he's a funny guy, and he's also a talented wrestler. I'm enjoying every time doing whatever it is backstage scenes or promos or wrestling against him.

What makes superstars like you and Owens such magnetic "bad guys"?

I cannot speak for Kevin Owens, but my situation is because I've been doing this for so many years, and I was born in a wrestling family. It's easy, comes natural to me. They're always saying that in order to be a good heel a good bad guy, you need to have a little bit of a bad guy inside you. Nobody can teach you how to be aggressive, and the viciousness in the ring it all comes natural. No one can teach you that, and if you're trying to fake that, the fans will see right through you.

What can the fans expect from 2K17 and the WWE in the near future?

Well, it's going to be amazing. You just said it about the legends from the past being in the video games the entire roster. You have Alberto Del Rio, so you know you're going to have somebody kick in the treseros in the video game.

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