Kofi Kingston spoke with Crave Online to promote the new WWE Studios movie, Scooby-Doo! And WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon. You can read the full interview here, below are some highlights:

His favorite thing he got to do with The New Day:

"We go out there and try to entertain ourselves. A lot of the stuff you see us doing is stuff that we have already done or would do in a car ride or backstage or just hanging out with each other and that's why it comes off so natural.

"We were in the ring the other day after we had become the longest reigning WWE Tag Team champions and we did a montage of all of the stuff that we did and we didn't see the montage until we actually went out to the ring so we got to see a compilation of all of the stuff that we did. Mixing it up with The Rock and going toe-to-toe with him was amazing! Winning at SummerSlam and coming out singing 'New York, New York' but having our own lyrics to it was crazy. Our time machine skit was so much fun. There was a time I told the crowd country music sucked and it was actually me and not my character saying it so that was awesome. We've done so much fun stuff and we forget about it. I guess if I had to put a stamp or a pentacle on what we have done so far it has to be the 'Booty-O's' cereal."

If his kids eat "Booty-O's"

"They gave us some advanced boxes of 'Booty-O's' and I had one and put it up in the cupboard and I went on the road and then my wife sent me a picture of my son. He had dumped out all of the 'Booty-O's' into his wrestling ring and he was so proud of himself. He had handfuls and handfuls of it. We try not to let him have too much sugar but that day he had half a box of 'Booty-O's.'"

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