- WWE posted the video above with Steve Austin reminding fans that they can check out The Stone Cold Podcast with Dean Ambrose if they missed it earlier this week. It is followed by a clip from the show of Ambrose discussing his relationship with Vince McMahon. Ambrose said the he was Vince's favorite, and noted that he thought that Vince was easy to talk to. Ambrose also mentioned that he had a 45 minute conversation with Vince a few nights before the podcast at 2:30 am, and noted that Vince was headed to the gym. Ambrose called Vince "a trailer park street fighter at heart."

- $5 Friday is back at WWEShop.com. Through the end of the night, select t-shirts, DVDs, mugs and more are just $5. There is no promo code required, just use this link.

- CM Punk and ESPN's Jonathan Coachman had a pretty amusing exchange on Twitter today. Coachman was stating that "there is nothing that is a bigger waste of time then correcting someone" on Twitter when Punk replied:

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