As seen above, Sami Zayn was interviewed by Myles from The #Trending20 that airs Weeknights 7-10pm on 104.4 Virgin Radio Dubai. In this brief Summerslam weekend interview, Zayn discusses the recent WWE brand split, his match with Nakamura, and his next chapter in the company.

* Zayn says it has been interesting since the brand split, because he was not sure where he was going next following his rivalry and numerous matches with Kevin Owens. Ultimately Zayn thinks the brand split is interesting and will provide a lot of opportunities.

* In referring to last WrestleMania weekend in Dallas, Zayn jokingly states he failed to steal the show at the 2016 Hall of Fame, as Michael Hayes was able to. Zayn says that Wrestlemania weekend was a pretty big deal for him, especially performing in front of such a big audience for his ladder match. In referencing more to last WrestleMania weekend, Zayn says he gets tweets daily about his NXT Takeover match with Shinsuke Nakamura, with everyone being so pleased.

* Going off the Nakamura match discussion, Zayn says he wonders what makes a match great or not, with varying deciding factors like fan reaction, work in the ring, etc. Zayn says fellow superstar Finn Balor believes a great match is timeless art that stands the test of time, being watchable again and again. Zayn uses Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 12 as an example. Zayn claimed he often showed the Steve Austin vs Bret Hart match WrestleMania 13 to non-wrestling fans to peak their interest in the industry.

* Zayn stated the Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor match at Summerslam has the chance to be an all-time great like Austin vs. Hart. Zayn finds it interesting how quickly Balor has transitioned form the NXT main event to the WWE main roster main event. Zayn says Rollins vs Balor has the chance to steal the show.

* On his next steps in the WWE, Zayn claims he is so mentally and physically drained from his feud with Kevin Owens that he has not even thought about his future. Zayn states he simply wants to be part of something good.

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