- Jim Ross blogged on The Miz's rant to Daniel Bryan on this week's episode of Talking Smack. JR praised the Miz's promo, calling it "his best work in a long while."

"[The Miz] created a buzz in social media circles after his reality based, organic sounding promo that Miz aggressively executed on 'Talking Smack' on the WWE Network after Smackdown Live went off the air Tuesday night," JR wrote. "MIz' promo represented his best work IMO in a long while as he seemingly expressed himself from his heart and not from his memory. Few wrestlers in today's marketplace are truly accomplished in being able to have a quick turnaround upon once receiving their promo copy, memorizing it, and then being able to deliver the copy in a real, authentic manner when it counts and that's on live, TV. The "I'm Not Working You" feel of any pro wrestling promo always resonates infinitely more than does a memorized promo that sounds as if it is being recited from pure memory without true, motion behind it.

"All promotions should consider putting more confidence in their own talents to let them create a large portion of their own promos but with the help of a producer who also realizes that less is truly more when it comes to the heavily scripting of promos and inadvertently producing the personality out of these verbal adventures."

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- As noted, Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Drew Gulak to advance in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic tournament. In the video below, Zack talks about facing his good friend, Noam Dar, in the quarterfinals next week and said that he won't be taking the match lightly and that "you fight your closest friends the hardest."

"I'm gonna stretch him, I'm going to kick him, I'm going to punish him, and then I'll make him a nice cup of tea afterwards," Zack said.

Full WWE Cruiserweight Classic results and videos for this week are here.

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