Taz discussed Finn Balor's injury at WWE SummerSlam on The Taz Show earlier this week, as seen in the video above.

Taz started off by noting that Seth Rollins is one of the best workers of this generation, which is why Rollins has been pushed the way he has. He said that you don't get the kind of push that Rollins has gotten if you're reckless because no one would want to work with you.

"Seth Rollins is not reckless!" Taz exclaimed.

Taz explained that when wrestlers are discussing a match, they are not going to take a move that they're not comfortable taking. He said that a wrestler will not ask their opponent to take a dangerous move because it's awkward. He said that you have to have trust for your opponent, and that if someone is uncomfortable taking a move, it won't happen. He said that if Finn didn't want to take the buckle bomb to the barricade, it wouldn't have happened.

Taz also brought up Rollins breaking John Cena's nose last year, and said that he guaranteed that in that match Cena asked Rollins to bring it and get physical because he's a tough guy. Taz said that you have to be a tough guy to be in this business.

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