Source: The Whig

The Whig recently interviewed Sheamus, who was promoting WWE 2K17. Below are some highlights:

If he prefers his new look to his old one:

"I like this look now, man. I think it's really cool. The beads are something that I tried and they worked. I like the beard now ..."

WWE going PG:

"I think that when we initially went to PG, and I was coming in at the tail end of the not-PG, whatever you want to call it -- it was past the Attitude Era, the in-between stage -- there were a lot of people hemming and hawing about this, but ultimately it's brought in so many new fans."

Sheamus also discussed being in WWE 2K17, his new look being easier to maintain, WWE not only being for kids and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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