The show starts off with highlights from Adam Cole's world title victory over Jay Lethal at The Death Before Dishonor PPV.

In the arena. The Bullet Club arrive and head to the ring led by The new ROH world champion Adam Cole. In tow with the new champ is Hangman Page, Tama Tonga, Tanga Roa and Yujiro Takahashi. Cole takes the mic in ring and states that when The Bullet Club makes a promise. They keep it. He told everyone that he'd be world champ again and now he is world champ for a second time. Cole realizes that he is now a target as champion but he doesn't care who the next group of challengers are. He proclaims that he is going to be the greatest ROH world champion of all time.

Jay Lethal's music hits and he enters the stage. The fans chant for him. Lethal says it's nice to know that the fans still love him and that he still hates Cole. Jay tells Adam that if he thinks their feud is over. That he is dead wrong. Cole laughs at and mocks Jay by saying that Lethal's comment is code for "Please give me a rematch".
Adam tells Jay that he will always be better than him. He can tell that Jay wants to go after him but tonight is the champ's night off. If in the future, Jay comes after him. Lethal is going to have to go through The Bullet Club. Jay responds and says that he will let Cole have his night off and celebration but to remember that he has friends too. Out comes Los Ingobernables De Japon to join him on stage. Tetsuya Naito and EVIL stand side by side with Jay Lethal as the show goes to it's first break.

Back from the break. At ringside are Kevin Kelly and ROH matchmaker Nigel McGuinness. Nigel announces that next week's ROH TV main event will be a 6 man tag featuring Adam Cole, Hangman Page and Yujiro Takahashi taking on Jay Lethal, Tetsuya Naito and The 'King of Darkness' EVIL.

Exclusive footage is shown from last weeks ROH TV main event of The Addcition and The Young Bucks.

The Addiction arrive at ringside and start griping with Kelly and McGuinness. They say that the footage is doctored to make them look bad. That Nigel chopped it up on his laptop. That the only footage they should have shown is them retaining the titles. The Addiction accuse Nigel of libel and slander and that he will hear from their lawyers.... As they leave. Kevin Kelly recaps the recent "trilogy of evil" storyline in ROH involving Kevin Sullivan, BJ Whitmer, Steve Corino and last weeks debut of Punisher Martinez. A video package airs chronicling the history and back story. The story goes that Kevin Sullivan was tasked by King Curtis to anoint a new "Purple Haze". Sullivan's two sons are Steve Corino and BJ Whitmer. Whitmer has accepted his role of evil while Corino has refused. So Sullivan has decided to kill one of his sons in Corino. So to help him and Whitmer do it. The Punisher has been called upon for the task.

Kelly and McGuinness once again hype next week's 6 man tag main event and also announce a TV title match with Bobby Fish defending against Katsuyori Shibata. They call it a can't miss show.


Lots of comedy in this match. Plenty of taunting and showboating by both men in the first few minutes. Castle and Coleman in a pose down stand off. The crowd firmly behind Castle. As Dalton gains the advantage in the match. The Cabinet gets involved by going after The Boys at ringside. Castle goes outside the ring to save his boys. The referee bans The Cabinet from ringside due to their interference. The match is expected to be an even 1 on 1 matchup as the show goes to break.

The best ad in wrestling airs. As Jay Lethal with hair hypes The Health Alert Hotline. This is followed by an ad for New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV.

Caprice Coleman is beating down Castle as we return from the break. Castle battles back and hits a suplex. Dalton shows some hesitation following up on the suplex. The announcers question whether Dalton Castle is a bit off of his game after some recent high profile losses. Caprice counters Castle as the action continues. Coleman sets up Castle on the top rope and hits a pretty looking standing hurancanrana for a near fall. Castle counters from a pinning situation into a bridge, grabs Coleman in a waist lock and executes a great deadlift german suplex for a 2 count. Rhett Titus and Kenny King of The Cabinet have now returned to aid Coleman. They were supposedly banned from ringside. Castle is briefly distracted by their presence and gets rolled up for a 2 count by Coleman. Titus and King got on the apron to distract Castle again. This time, The boys come into the ring and hit stereo suicide dives onto them at ringside. Back in the ring, Castle catches Coleman in the Bang-A-Rang and gets the victory.


Post match. Dalton Castle celebrates with The Boys as a dejected Cabinet leaves.

Highlights are then shown of the TV time limit draw two weeks ago between Jay Briscoe and Jay White. Kelly and McGuinness put over that match and Jay White specifically. As they are talking. The Addiction are back out to complain again. This time, They are both with a ladder on The ROH stage. Christopher Daniels says that Nigel and ROH are trying to embarrass them by showing doctored footage. Daniels says that the ladder they are on represents tag team wrestling and that the top rung represents them. That every tag team is beneath them. Daniels says that they have beaten The Motor City Machine Guns, The Young Bucks and every team that ROH has put against them. The Addiction pose with the titles. Nigel at ringside tells Kelly that he has something planned for The Addiction in the future as the show goes to break.

Another NJPW on AXS TV ad airs followed by a ROH website plug for upcoming live events.

Bobby Fish is in front of the ROH banner backstage hyping next week's TV title match between he and Shibata. He states that he can beat Shibata in any fashion. That there will be no way to protect Shibata from what Fish is going to do to him.


Showcase match here for the new #1 contender to the ROH TV Title. As fans throw streamers at Dijak in the ring as a show of respect towards him. Nana knocks them away disrespecting the crowd's gesture . In the pre-match customary code of honor handshake. Manny doesn't make lemonade out of lemons. Rather than shake Dijak's hand. He slaps him and starts to strut. This of course infuriates Dijak, who delivers a beating to Lemons. Manny gets manhandled and thrown around the ring and outside of it. Nana jumps up on the apron and calls for Dijak to hit his finisher. Dijak hits "Feast Your Eyes" on Lemons and gets the inevitable and quick victory.


Post match, Prince Nana is in the ring and on the mic. Nana says that Dijak has been ready to be TV champ since he won ROH's top prospect tournament nearly two years ago. He doesn't care who wins next weeks TV title match between Bobby Fish and Shibata. That his client is going to be the next ROH World Television Champion.

Coming up next after the break. The ROH TV main event with The Briscoes taking on Jay White and Lio Rush. The Briscoes are backstage in front of The ROH banner. They talk about their opponents tonight. Put them over as young and hungry but they are going to be in a fight with the best in The Briscoes.

An ad airs for Women of Honor and their first ever solo event which took place in Baltimore. The show is available at the ROH website on demand.



This is a follow up to the TV time limit draw that took place between Jay Briscoe and Jay White on ROH TV two weeks ago. White and Rush have been competitors as well in the past. Both billed as future stars of ROH but Jay White has gotten a heavy push of late. The combination of his Japanese training and his look has observers highly positive when it comes to his development. Plus, if you haven't already heard. He's from New Zealand... Which is mentioned repeatedly in almost every sentence spoken about him, by not just the announcers either. ROH must be going after that New Zealand market.

Prior to the match starting, Both teams show respect towards each other with the code of honor handshake. Kevin Kelly on commentary promotes the upcoming new 6 man tag title in ROH and the tournament. He promotes ROH's next PPV "All Star Extravaganza VII" on Friday September 30th in Lowell, Mass.

The Briscoes dominate the early portion of the match. Beating down on both Rush and White as the show goes to break. The Briscoes are still in control as we return. Jay White rallies and hits a DDT on Mark Briscoe. He tags in Rush, who comes in all fired up attacking both Briscoes. Rush hits an over the top rope plancha on Jay Briscoe. But as he is celebrating his move on the outside. Mark jumps from the apron and hits him with "The Chicken Flu". Mark celebrates with fans at ringside. The Briscoes then double team Rush and the action goes back into the ring.

Jay White is laid out with a super kick on the outside by Jay Briscoe. Rush is now left in the ring by himself as The Briscoes tag in and out doing tandem moves and working over Rush. Jay Briscoe looking particularly impressive hitting a great drop kick and vertical suplex on Lio Rush. Jay White is now recovered and back in his corner. Rush is in the opposite corner being double teamed by The Briscoes. Eventually Rush escapes that corner by using his athleticism and tags in his partner Jay White.

White gets in the ring and starts trading blows with Jay Briscoe. White wins the exchange. He hits a suplex and heads to the top rope and connects with a missile drop kick for a 2 count. As the show goes to another break. Back from the break. White and Rush have the momentum clearly on their side. Now working in tandem. White hits a side suplex followed by a a frog splash from Rush for a near fall. The Briscoes battle back. All 4 men involved. Jay hits a lariat that spins Rush into a 360 before landing on the mat. Mark takes out Jay White on the outside and gets tagged in by his brother to potentially finish off Rush. Mark then hits a fishermen's buster on Rush for a near fall. As Mark brings Lio up to the top rope. Jay White runs in to the ring to save him. Working in tandem again, Rush runs and springboards himself off of White and into Mark Briscoe. This leads to a near fall that is broken up by Jay Briscoe.

Jay Briscoe and Lio Rush start exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring, which surprisingly sees the diminutive Rush go tit for tat with him. Bouncing off the ropes, Rush gets caught by Jay in a fireman's carry. Jay hits a death valley driver from that position. Mark leaps off of the top and hits the froggie bow. As Mark goes for the pin fall. Jay White rushes into the ring and pushes Jay Briscoe into his brother and Rush to break up the potential 3 count. Cool looking spot... The crowd applauds with all 4 men laid out on the mat. Jay White rises to his feet and points out Jay Briscoe. They go toe to toe exchanging strikes. After several slaps, punches and head butts. Mark sneaks up behind Jay White and he and his brother hit a double forearm shot that knocks out Jay White. The Briscoes turn their attention to Lio Rush and hit the doomsday device on him for the victory.


Post match. A graphic promotes the first round match in the ROH 6 man title tournament between The Briscoes and Toru Yano vs Jay White, Lio Rush and ACH. That will take place at the ppv on 9/30. Back in the ring. All 4 men involved in the previous match shake hands.

At ringside, ROH matchmaker Nigel McGuinness announces that The Addiction will defend the ROH tag titles at The All Star Extravaganza PPV against The Young Bucks and The Motor City Machine Guns in a ladder match dubbed "Ladder War VI". A backstage shot is shown of The Addiction hearing the announcement from Nigel and they are yelling and screaming No in anger. Next week's ROH TV main matches are promoted one last time as the show wraps up.

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