This week's episode is a continuation of the tapings that took place at MCU Park in Brooklyn, New York. Major main event on this week's show with Adam Cole defending the ROH title against Jay Lethal, Tetsuya Naito and Hiroshi Tanahashi in a 4 corners survival match.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are at ringside at the broadcast table, and they are joined by ROH TV Champion, Bobby Fish. Kelly hypes the ROH TV main event. Also included on this hour of television is Kyle O' Reilly vs Katsuyori Shibata, and that match opens the show.

Kyle O' Reilly vs. Katsuyori Shibata

This two just faced off yesterday in Tokyo at NJPW's King of Pro Wrestling show. Shibata successfully defended his Never Openweight title against O'Reilly. For any American wrestler, facing off against Shibata is a way to pump up your street cred. Katsuyori is arguably the toughest and most dangerous man in all of wrestling. The guy is a warrior. If he was taking physicals in the states, I doubt that he would pass any medical clearance. Based on how much damage his body has been through. This guy never takes time off to heal and he probably should.

Just what you would expect from these two here on ROH TV. They both put on a striking and submission clinic. Bobby Fish does a good job on commentary during this match. Putting over how dangerous, Shibata is. He talks about him being cyborg like. Lacking human emotion. Almost serial killer like in his style. Fitting ad placement on screen during this match for The Health Alert Hotline.

Shibata and O'Reilly start the match off with some mat wrestling. Very much a feeling out process. O' Reilly playing the role of a competitor treading carefully. Trying to avoid getting caught. Both men attempt early strikes and submissions on each other. Each man countering out and avoiding damage. The opening sequence gets a nice standing ovation from the crowd outside at MCU Park. The fans admiring what amounts to a game of physical chess.

The show returns from it's first break and Shibata is targeting the arms of O'Reilly. Kyle works feverishly to defend against Shibata's submission attempts. O'Reilly fires up eventually and wins a battle of stiff forearm shots. He changes the momentum in the match with his flurry of strikes. O'Reilly back suplexes Shibata and transitions that directly into a leg lock submission. Shibata gets out of it. Kyle delivers some stiff kicks. Shibata sits up Undertaker style after taking these stiff blows. Great facial reaction by O'Reilly when Shibata does this. Shibata is on his knees taking more shots from O'Reilly. Katsuyori starts to brush off the shots and act like he is bored or not affected by them. This makes O'Reilly angry as he tries to kick him harder and harder.

Both men on their feet. Shibata wins the battle of strikes and corners O'Reilly. Hits a running drop kick into him, a gut wrench suplex and then transitions that into an armbar submission. O'Reilly tries to escape, Shibata won't let him get away. He locks in a figure four style submission hold on O'Reilly's arm. Almost looking like a variation of a head scissors. Kyle gets to the ropes and the show goes to another break..... When we return, Shibata is still in control. He tries to go for his penalty kick finisher but O'Reilly avoids it. Shibata stands toe to toe with Kyle and then locks in a standing guillotine choke. Kyle reverses the submission by locking in a front faced chokehold. Both men break free from each other's grip. Back to some very stiff back and forth striking. This goes on for a few minutes. Both men pick up the pace and trade german suplexes on one another. Both men laid out as the crowd applauds...

Back on their feet, Kyle hits a brainbuster on Shibata. This only gets him a 1 count. He then hits Shibata with a penalty kick, another brainbuster and then slaps on an omoplata shoulder lock submission. This spot leads to a tease of a ref stoppage because Shibata refuses to tap even though he appears to be trapped. New Japan Referee, Tiger Hattori calls for the bell. Shibata refuses to tap out but can't escape the hold.

Kyle O'Reilly defeats Katsuyori Shibata due to ref stoppage

When ref stoppages happen in MMA. They are usually highly controversial. Sometimes because they are done too early or in some cases, too late. This is not one of those instances... It adds to the realism of this match. Shibata wasn't getting out of this hold and he wasn't going to tap. Very impressive performance by both men. Kyle continues to improve..... Both O'Reilly and Shibata confront each other in the center of the ring in the post match. They both trash talk one another as Katsuyori holds up his Never title in Kyle's face with his good hand. The show goes to break.

When the show returns, A "Field of Honor" highlights package is shown. The entire event is available at ROH's website on video demand.



Adam Cole vs. Jay Lethal vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Tetsuya Naito

Four of the very best wrestlers on the entire planet. It's amazing because in this setting, You have these world class talents in what can appear to some, to be a bush league type environment. The setting is actually well lit and the nighttime skyline is great but scattered fans in a baseball park never really lends itself well. It doesn't do the product justice. This year's taping came off better than it has in the past. It's just the stark contrast of the presentation and the performers that can throw one off a bit.

The crowd was definitely into all 4 guys who made their entrances before this match. Naito teased each competitor as they entered the ring specifically Lethal. Tanahashi may have received the best reaction from the hardcore ROH audience. They all got individual chants from the crowd and then an "All These Guys" chant before the match started.

A lot of showmanship in this match. Some mind games early from the heels in Cole and Naito towards Lethal and Hiroshi. Pretending to not want to start the match and then blind tagging themselves in. Naito then flips the script and plays mind games with Adam Cole. They show each other up and then start brawling. The heels go at it for a bit and then blind tag in Lethal and Tanahashi. All 4 competitors play to the crowd doing their signature poses. They all mock one another at different parts of this match. Lethal and Hiroshi knock Cole and Naito off of the apron and then finally go at it with each other. Lethal hits a suicide dive on Cole on the outside. Lethal reverses course and delivers the same to Naito on the other side . Jay completes the trifecta by grounding Tanahashi with the same move, as the show goes to break.

Back from the break, Lethal in with Hiroshi. He applies a figure four leglock on him. Cole and Naito get involved and break the hold. Cole is now forced in the match with Naito. Cole hits the Last Shot on Naito and gets a two count. Lethal tags himself in. Naito gets the advantage on Lethal and then tags back in Cole. Lethal and Cole go at it for a few minutes. Evenly contested. The heels then decide to team up in this one and beat up on Lethal. It eventually backfires as Lethal breaks free and tags in Tanahashi. A hot tag in a 4 corners match. This has become an impromptu tag team match even though it really isn't one.

Tanahashi takes out both heels. Slams them both on top of each other. Stacks up Cole and Naito and hits a senton bomb on the both of them. Hiroshi goes for the high fly flow on Cole. Naito makes it to the ropes, shakes the ropes and knocks Tanahashi down. He then tags himself in and mocks Tanahashi, who is reeling on the top rope. Naito and Cole go at it. Naito hits a ball and chain type suplex for a near fall on Cole. Lethal tags himself in and battles with Cole. After a few counters between both men. Lethal springs off the ropes and hits The Lethal Injection. He goes for the cover but both Tanahashi and Naito race into the ring to break up the potential 3 count.

All 4 men in the ring now. Lethal goes blow for blow with Tanahashi and wins the brief exchange. Naito grabs Lethal and connects with a tornado DDT on him. Cole runs at Naito and hits a jumping shining wizard. Here comes Tanhashi, He hits the sling blade on Adam Cole. All 4 men are down..... Naito is the first one back up. He sets Lethal up on the top rope. Naito tries to superplex Lethal, Hiroshi goes over and tries to power bomb them both off the top. Cole runs over and breaks it up. Knocks Tanahashi from the ring. He then knocks Naito down from the top rope. Cole meets Lethal up top and goes for his own superplex. Lethal fights Cole off and hits The "Hail to The King" elbow drop on Cole. Tanahashi attempts a high fly flow on Cole but he moves out of the way. Jay hits The Lethal Injection on Tanahashi. He attempts the same to Adam Cole. Cole pulls the referee, As Lethal is springing from the ropes. Naito hits Lethal with the championship belt in the back of the head. Cole then superkicks Naito. He then hits the Last Shot on Lethal and pins him for the victory.

Adam Cole defeats Jay Lethal, Tetsuya Naito and Hiroshi Tanahashi to retain The ROH World Championship

Adam Cole celebrates with his title as the show comes to an end.

Here is an ROH update video.

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