- As noted, WWE announced a new class of nine recruits this week, including 5' 11" 215 lb. Demitrius Bronson, who played on the practice squad of the Seattle Seahawks. Bronson spoke with MyNorthWest.com about moving from a football career to pro wrestling.

"This came out of nowhere," Bronson said. "It looked like one door was closing and another was opening up. But maybe doors wouldn't open up if hard work wasn't in the mix. So it's a whole lot of things I didn't think I would be expecting to do but, shoot, I kinda wouldn't change it. There's a lot of people wishing and dreaming with woulda, coulda, shoulda."

Bronson noted that he would watch The Rock, Steve Austin and Triple H while he was growing up, and didn't notice that The Game was at his tryout.

"I'm glad I didn't notice he [Triple H] was there or I probably would have been nervous," Bronson admitted. "But he is bald now. I didn't know."

- NXT wrestler Mandy Rose got some media pub this week for the Snap Chat post below. BET has an article about her Snap story here, noting that some people were upset that she was mocking a black woman's natural hair.

- As noted, former NXT wrestler Sara Lee revealed this month that she's expecting a child with NXT star Wesley Blake. Sara noted on Instagram today that she's 13 weeks pregnant and showed off her baby bump:

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