Welcome to WrestlingInc's live coverage of WWE 205 Live. Tonight's episode will see the recently single Cedric Alexander take on "The King of the Cruiserweights" and number one contender, Neville.

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- We open up with a video package looking at the Swann/Neville feud ahead of their Cruiserweight Championship match on Sunday.

- Tom Phillips backstage with Neville. He says he may have shown Swann a bit too much mercy on Monday, but that won't be the case on Sunday. In regards to facing Alexander, Neville says Alexander will kneel to the King of the Cruiserweights and there will be no doubt whose show 205 Live really is.

- The announce team officially welcomes us to the show and hypes Sunday's match and tonight's card. Let's head to the ring for some action.

TJ Perkins vs. Tony Nese

Give them 20 and some creative freedom. This one could tear down the house if given the opportunity. Nese establishes the strength advantage early. Back and forth action leads to a ropes pose from Perkins and Ole's Nese to the outside. Modified Octopus from Perkins but only for a moment. Nese blocks a neck breaker and mows over Perkins. The Premiere Athlete slows the pace now and stops for a pose of his own. Nese controlling the pace with a combo of power and submissions. Mics are a bit hot and catch them calling the match as Perkins hits a jaw breaker but Nese catches Perkins' legs for a trip. Beautiful springboard moonsault from Nese for a two count. Perkins playing role of Stretch Armstrong as Nese torques TJ's arms with a knee in the back. My new favorite move of Nese's is he drape of the corner and kick to land on his shoulders for a gut buster of sorts. Perkins trapped in the body scissors but Perkins slips out only to be put in a full Nelson. Arm drag escape from Perkins and directly into a spinning mule kick to the jaw of Nese. Perkins showing off the speed with a flurry of strikes. Big Detonation Kick but it sends Nese outside. Perkins takes too much time heading to the outside and gets flattened by a Nese clothesline. Surprise roll-up out of nowhere and Perkins wins.

Winner via Pinfall: TJ Perkins

- As soon as the bell is rang, Nese with a vicious suplex and a running Kneese to lay Perkins down. 50/50 booking at its finest as officials come down to check on Perkins.

- Vignette for Akira Tozawa as Sami Zayn puts him over in the video package. He debuts next week.

- Perkins being assisted to the back by referees. Maybe this could give him a fresh coat of paint, but could be a great rivalry with Nese. Announce team ad libs their way into a Royal Rumble promo.

Brian Kendrick vs. Tripp Bradshaw

This guy's name is most certainly a rib resulting from JBL's bout with clumsiness last week on SmackDown LIVE. Big pop for the hometown talent. Kendrick delivers some harsh reality to the young man before the bell rings. Kendrick toying with the athletic newcomer as he pulls out all sorts of the wily veteran tricks. Bradshaw throws some mean rights until he's met by a leg lariat from Kendrick. Graves with a shot at JBL and the Bradshaw Clothesline. Captain's Hook locked in and Bradshaw's Tripp to 205 Live has reached its destination.

Winner via Submission: Brian Kendrick

- Backstage with Alexander and Swann. The champ gives a pep talk to Cedric and asks Alexander to save him some for Sunday. Your main event of the evening is up next!

Neville vs. Cedric Alexander

Put your seat belts on folks, this could be a bumpy ride. Nice athletic exchange that ends with a Neville hip toss. Menacing Neville is great. Neville gets the better of another fun reversal fest. Fans now cheering the cocky heel, which is incorrect logic, but who am I to judge? Third time is the charm for Alexander as he counters another hip toss into his handstand head scissor take down. Cedric invites Neville back into the ring and the number one contender takes too much time and is met with a drop kick and a punt after Cedric saves himself from a fumble. Neville not a fan of getting embarrassed sends Alexander strongly into the barricades. Back inside the squared circle and Neville stalks his prey from the top rope. Missile drop kick for a two count.

Neville working stiff as Jim Duggan's 2X4 as he lays into Alexander with a barrage of strikes. Alexander battles out and hits his handspring kick and sends Neville outside. Gorgeous Tope Con Giro from Alexander and lands on his feet. A very vertical springboard clothesline gets a long two. Here's something you don't see every day. A STANDING SPANISH FLY from Alexander for another long two. They eventually come to blows in the middle of the ring. Neville counters the Lumbar Check into a whipped German Suplex. To out-do himself, he adds a dead lift German for good measure and a near fall. Neville places Alexander on the top rope for a Superplex, but Cedric fights out. The welts on Neville are pronounced to say the least. Alexander catches him with an enziguri. Alexander looks for a finish, but Dar comes out for the distraction. Alexander takes him out, gets back on the top rope, makes what looked to be an intentional slip, and lands in a submission from Neville. After a few seconds, Alexander forced to tap after a fun match.

Winner via Submission: Neville

- After the match, Dar taunts Alexander but Neville sends him to the outside as well to finish his own job. Rich Swann comes in for the save and we have a pull apart to gain some steam for this Sunday's title match. Officials and security come out to break it up, but they keep going at each other. They eventually get separated to end the episode.

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