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Kassius Ohno (previously Chris Hero) spoke with FloSlam on his final weekend on the indies. Here are some of the highlights:

Last weekend on the indies:

"Well, it wasn't too emotional. You know a lot of thoughts because, like I just said a little bit ago, there's a lot of people [who] I'm not sure when I'm going to see them again, not that I won't ever see them, but it will just be more infrequent."

Adjustment with wrestling fans:

"Because we have such an intimate atmosphere in independent wrestling, you know, these fans have watched me grow up. I've seen these fans for the past decade and a half, out and about, so now it's more like, smaller faces and bigger crowds."

EVOLVE's future:

"What does EVOLVE do? It evolves. It's an evolution, it's a progression, sprinklin' in over the course of six months you see new people sprinkled in. I love [Jason] Kincaid, I've been a fan of his for a long time, Darby [Allin] is interesting, [Chris] Dickinson and Jaka. That's what wrestling is, you can't always have- it's like a new season of a television show, some characters leave and you may be five seasons deep into a TV show, and this new character comes on and you're like 'oh, that's my guy.'"

Chris Hero discussed his excitement for the future and more about EVOLVE's growth. You can hear the full interview by clicking here.

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