Yesterday we asked who you thought should win the Elimination Chamber match later tonight. Let's get to the winner and a couple ideas that trended throughout your replies.

1) Run. - Bray ran away with the vote, partly because of the rumors of him taking on Randy Orton at WrestleMania and also because they've had a solid storyline where most of you wouldn't mind seeing the payoff.

2) Win it with Style(s) - Many wanted to see AJ win simply because he shouldn't have lost it in the first place and a match against Orton would be an exciting match to see. After Styles, the voting was very mixed between Miz (unlikely, but deserving), Corbin (too new, just needs to put on a good show), and Cena (kind of silly to already drop the title).

3) Anyone, but Ambrose - The dislike for the IC champ is strong, very strong. I saw maybe one vote for him and that was just because it would be the guy that nobody thinks will win. Some of you felt he shouldn't even be in the match since he already has a title, why not let someone else shine? If WWE feels like Bray winning is already too obvious, they still have time to have someone else win the Elimination Chamber, then somehow lose the title later (to Bray) on an episode of SmackDown.

Thanks to everyone who responded, we'll see who WWE decides on soon enough. For now, here are some of the top comments:

Jack Swagger's Speech Coach:
"Wild choice, but I think The Miz will win the Chamber match. My reasoning for my choice is simple: No Mercy 2016. Miz proved that he can, in fact, put on the match of the night. And what better way to showcase that he was the most improved in 2016 than to have him main event WrestleMania with Randy Orton. I'd say those two can put on a great match."

The Real RyFactzilla:
"*RyFact#753- Ryback was going to be in Elimination Chamber, and even his request that all the pods have a couch, AC, and working Neo-Geo was met, but declined when he found out not everyone would start in the pods."

Billy Walker:
"Chances of winning in percentages...
Bray Wyatt - 70%
AJ Styles - 15%
John Cena - 10%
The Rest - 5%
That's how I see it. I'd like it to be Styles or Miz but I think they'll go the obvious route."

Flying Scotsman:
"Wyatt takes it, for me. Corbin will be elevated by putting in a good showing, & will eliminate Ambrose leading to an IC title feud (which he'll win)."

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