Austin Aries was interviewed by Youtube personality Myles as part of Media Row for WrestleMania weekend.

Aries said he's feeling good heading into WrestleMania. It's a long week, and you have to make sure you get your rest in and go to the gym but it's a good time.

Myles asked if he feels a lot of pressure from being on the pre-show and needing to set the tone for the night. Aries says he doesn't feel pressure. That's just what he does. He said he takes whatever he's given and tries to elevate it. He thinks he has a good track record of it over the course of his career. He said Neville is at a whole other level right now. He said his upcoming opponent has been amazing, but his job is to go out there and be that much more amazing.

Myles said his call-up was a surprise, and asked Aries if he felt his eye injury fast-tracked him to the main roster. Aries joked that if he knew everything that would happen after his injury he would have broke his "eye hole" six months ago. He said everything happens for a reason, and that out of a negative situation came a positive one. After he got hurt he told Triple H that he didn't want to be off of TV, and that he wanted something to do on-air, whether it be on commentary or as a manager.

Aries said he probably landed on commentary because Triple H remembered their prior conversation, and when 205 Live came around he was given the opportunity to join the announce team.

Aries then gave Myles some interview advice, and said you should ask a question out of left field to get their attention. He then took the mic and jokingly asked Myles how he gets his hair so smooth.

To see the interview in its entirety, check out the video above.

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