Source: GOProWrestling YouTube Channel

Last month I attended a loaded independent wrestling show put on by Pro Wrestling Magic in New Jersey. I had the privilege of interviewing close to dozen indy stars, including TNA recent signee Fallah Bah, WrestlePro's Chris Payne who wrestled some NXT house shows, Women Indy Star Angelus Layne and many others backstage throughout the show.

The highlight included independent sensation J.T. Dunn who wrestles regularly for PWG and TNA. Here are the highlights from our interview:

Inspiration or Chris Hero and Origin of "Death by Elbow"

"Death by elbow is a brand. When I started wrestling, I was an avid fan of Chris Hero. He is the reason why I became wrestler and reason why I started training. When he was released from his first stint at NXT, he came to a spot called Beyond Wrestling which is in my home city of Providence, Rhode Island. We wrestled each other a couple times and then we became a tag team. 'Rolling elbows' is his calling card and mine and 'death by elbow' was born."

How long JT has been training and in the wrestling business:

"This is my tenth full year. I am twenty-seven years old. My original dream was to become a professional football player and it's open knowledge that I've had my battles with addiction of drugs and alcohol that lead me away from football and in some weird way brought me to professional wrestling."

Wrestling for PWG, TNA and His Aspiration for WWE 205:

"I've made recent appearances for TNA and I was on their X division xtravaganza show few months back back. I've been on the last couple PWG shows where we (Death by Elbow) wrestled the Young Bucks for the tag team titles. I am under 205 pounds. I would love to bring death by elbow to WWE."

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