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Renee Young and JBL welcome us to tonight's episode following SmackDown Live from London, England. JBL says London is one of his favorite cities in the world and once served beer in the Queen's bar with help from William Regal. Young brings up the main event from earlier and Jinder's pinfall victory in the 6-man tag match over Randy Orton. Bradshaw talks about Vince McMahon telling athletes to grab the brass ring, and Jinder Mahal has the momentum heading into his title match at Backlash.

The hosts turn their attention to Sami Zayn and Renee asks what Sami's deal is. She calls him a neurotic maniac and JBL says he overthinks things sometimes. JBL says that he thinks the character works and the segment with AJ and Randy was entertaining for both of them. Renee says she loves Sami and his crazy side. She reminds us about Backlash and AJ's United States title match with Kevin Owens. Bradshaw refers to KO as the new face of America and never thought the face of America would speak French. They talk about the Fashion Files segment with Breezango and JBL talks about getting a ticket from the #1 Contenders for wearing a kilt. He talks about winning $21 in a golf game against a 71-year old last week, getting a high five from Renee. They call Breezango ridiculous and fun to watch.

With that being said, Renee shows us a clip from SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos. They say they're not afraid of any rental cops or crossing guards. In 12 days when they put their titles on the line, it's going down. They mention the night life in London and tease going to the club, but decide to head home.

JBL talks about how far The Usos have come and how impressed he was with their promo tonight on SmackDown Live. He thinks Breezango will win the tag titles, but not just yet and not from the Usos who are on another level. Renee talks about superstars arriving and carving out their spot, which leads her to Charlotte. She asks what it must be like for Charlotte to adjust to a new brand and he says that there's going be a phase where she gets back in her comfort zone. They talk about Naomi's entrance and how comfortable she looks, going back to WrestleMania 33 and her big moment.

Renee asks what JBL thinks about Mojo Rawley giving backstage tours to children. JBL said it was wonderful except for the little brat that kicks him, and we're shown the clip from earlier on SmackDown. He says even Mojo shouldn't be kicked by a kid, and Renee sends us to an interview between Mojo and Dasha Fuentes. She asks what the Andre the Giant Memorial trophy means to him, considering he brought it all the way to London from the US. He says it means everything to him, and wherever he goes, the trophy goes with him. From the gym to every show, the trophy represents the biggest triumph and night of his life at WrestleMania 33. Mojo says Andre took what made him different to make him special, and that the trophy is a reminder to turn your weaknesses into strength. It's a reminder that being you pays off in the end and that nobody will ever change him.

JBL says there's something awesome about Mojo and that he has an infectious personality. Renee says that he's loud and boisterous but that's just who he is and it's genuine. Bradshaw brings up how Houdini died getting punched in the stomach, and compares that to the kid kicking Mojo Rawley. Renee says good thing it didn't escalate, and JBL says he doesn't mean Mojo punching the kid. He doesn't want to "say anything more controversial" and that he's "good at controversy." He tells us that Ryan Ward said he could say whatever he wants tonight, apparently prompting some sort of $2 fine for mentioning his name.

Renee Young shifts gears to Shinsuke Nakamura and Dolph Ziggler, and she says that Ziggler wears a chip on his shoulder. She asks what he wants to expose in Nakamura, and JBL says Dolph wants to prove he can steal the show. Renee asks if he can steal a win over Shinsuke and JBL reminds us that he's former 2-time World Champion. However, the Backlash crowd is going to go nuts for Nakamura and boo Dolph out of the building, which he should love as a heel. Young shows us a clip of Ziggler from earlier tonight.

Dolph Ziggler tells Dasha to use his full name because he's been here long enough to earn everyone's respect, even though they don't choose to show it. He's never had any relatives pave the way or hold his hand into the boss's office, but everything he's earned is because he's as good as he says. Sometimes he loses his way and forgets how good he is, so he has to readjust. But if anyone can figure out Nakamura, it's him, and he's spent a decade picking opponents apart. He also has a background in collegiate wrestling. When he introduces Nakamura to his foot, he'll show the whole world just how damn good he is, telling Shinsuke it's too bad.

Renee says she can't wait to see these two face of in Chicago at Backlash, and JBL reminds us that this is going to feel like a home crowd for Nakamura when he faces Ziggler at Backlash. Renee signs us off from London and that's all for this week's Talking Smack.

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