- Above, Cathy Kelley looks at reactions to Jinder Mahal's WWE Championship win. Kelley goes through responses by Heath Slater, The Singh Brothers, and YouTube Personality, Lilly Singh.

- WWE Shop's latest sale is 30% off items with code SAVE30 and by clicking here. There are some exclusions: Championship Titles and Side Plates, Memorabilia & Collectibles, Gift Cards, Connor's Cure, Select New Arrivals, Select Jackets, and Preorder/Backorder. The sales until May 29 at 2:59am EST.

- Yesterday, at a Columbus Clippers baseball game, a hot dog mascot race started and then stopped when two of the hot dogs turned on the third with some wrestling moves, including a People's Elbow. As one of the hot dogs (who turned on his partner) was headed for the finish line, Jerry Lawler landed a clothesline, putting down the mascot. You can see how it happened in the video below.

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