- Above is WWE's latest Top 10 video featuring weapons used during matches on past Extreme Rules PPVs. The video includes: John Cena using a steel chain on Brock Lesnar, Dean Ambrose showing his nunchucks mastery against Chris Jericho, and Daniel Bryan sending Kane through a flaming table.

- Today, WWE Raw Star, Nia Jax, turns 32 years old. Other birthdays today include: Steve Corino (44), Pete Gas (47), Spice of the Nitro Girls (44), Brian Kendrick (38), and Hornswoggle (31).

- WWE continues to recognize Asuka's undefeated streak by putting out a new shirt. The shirt reads "...and still" at the top and "Undefeated" in the middle. In honor of Memorial Day, 10% of WWE Shop's proceeds will go to Hire Heroes USA.

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