Here is the synopsis for tonight's show entitled "Sudden Death".
"The Lucha Underground Championship is defended; Dario makes an announcement; Prince Puma versus Mil Muertes in a Boyle Heights Street Fight"

The show opens with a video teaser for this week's show. The video shows the conclusion of last week's 'All Night Long' match. It also features the current Mil Muertes-Prince Puma saga and Kobra Moon's current stable.

The opening scene has Prince Puma staring at himself in the mirror. He is hearing voices and having flashbacks of his current rivalry with Mil Muertes. Rey Mysterio appears in the reflection of the mirror and he gives Puma advice. He tells him to stay away from Vampiro, and that Vampiro is not Puma's friend and shouldn't be his master. Mysterio thinks Puma is becoming too close to Vampiro and that he will be used for his agenda. Puma makes mention of how Konnan and Rey may have also used him in the past. Puma tells Rey that he isn't his master either and walks away. When Rey looks into the mirror, Vampiro's reflection appears. He tells Rey to stay away from Puma. Vamp says that unlike Puma's last master, Konnan. He will send Rey straight to hell. When Mysterio turns around to confront him, Vampiro is not behind him. Rey breaks the mirror.

We are in the Temple now and Matt Striker and Vampiro intro and hype this week's show. They cue to the ring for The Lucha Underground Championship match. The Temple is chanting "Return of The Mack" as both men are already in the ring.

Johnny Mundo (c) vs. The Mack

.... Dario Cueto comes out of his office to address both luchadors before the match starts. He says that this is sudden death and that the first fall will determine who is the new champion. Cueto then announces that this is a falls count anywhere match. Cueto then does his signature "Ring The Bell" catchphrase to a loud roar from the crowd....

After an evenly contested first few minutes of the match. It doesn't take long for Mack and Mundo to head to the outside. They actually battle into the audience. Mack splashes Mundo on top of his wooden chairs and attempts to pin him out there. Mack gets out a steel chair, he sandwiches Mundo in between the chair and then slams him on top of other steel chairs. Mack covers Mundo for a near fall.

Mack then chases after Mundo with a chair, and Mundo uses his Parkour talents to climb away and escape up the rafters. Ricky Mandel shows up and tries to help Mundo but Mack runs him off. While Mack is distracted, Mundo leaps out of the stands and somersaults onto him. Striker says that Mandel looks like X-Pac. Mundo asks his super fan to help him. Mandel gets Mundo a trash can but Sexy Star runs out and spears him. Star helps even the odds and Mack takes the fight to Mundo. He power bombs Johnny onto the trash can for a near fall.

The Mack gets out a table to set up but PJ Black comes out from under the ring. PJ strikes down Mack with a kendo stick. Mack is then brought to the ring apron by Black. He battles back and stuns Black, who falls off the apron and through the table at ringside. Mundo is back and he attacks Mack from behind. The action is back in the ring and Mundo goes for his End of The World finisher but Mack picks up his knees at the last second. Moments later, Mack plants Mundo with sit out powerbomb for a near fall.
The Mack and Mundo battle to the apron. Mack tries to suplex Mundo to the outside. Taya shows up to save Johnny from being slammed onto the multiple steel chairs on the ringside floor. Taya's interference allows Mundo to recover and then powerbomb Mack onto the steel chairs and pin him to secure the victory.

Johnny Mundo defeats The Mack to retain The Lucha Underground Championship

Before the show heads to the break, Matt Striker teases that Dario Cueto will be coming to the ring to make a major announcement.....

During the break, A Melissa Santos ad airs for Cerveza Modelo Beer. The ad is a cross promotion between LU and Modelo. In the ad, Melissa talks about Fenix and his fighting spirit.

Back from the break, Dario Cueto is inside the ring. He brags about all his great concepts in the past like 'Battle of The Bulls', 'The Ultimate Opportunity' and Dario's Dial of Doom. Cueto says that he is not only the Proprietor of Lucha Underground but that he should be called The Lucha Libre Genius. Cueto passionately promises that Ultima Lucha Tres is going to be brilliant. Cueto has a new concept for the event and teases revealing the name of it. Melissa Santos shows up holding a cup on top of the stairs in The Temple. Cueto says "Isn't she gorgeous" and announces that he is introducing 'The Cueto Cup". Santos walks down the stairs holding the cup over her head. When Santos gets in the ring, Dario snatches the cup out of Meliisa's hands and says that there is only room for one beautiful thing in his ring.

Dario Cueto announces that starting next week, a single elimination tournament will begin with 32 luchadors. The ultimate of the tournament and Cueto's Cup will get a Lucha Underground Championship match at Ultima Lucha Tres. Cueto compliments Mundo for winning his match tonight, but says that Johnny must defend the title, the night that the Cueto Cup winner is determined. Cueto admits that he has considered his brother Matanza but he is disappointed with the way things transpired between him and Rey Mysterio. Dario announces that at The Cueto Cup final, Johnny Mundo will defend his title against Rey Mysterio...... Cueto announces that The Trios champs will be defending their titles next on the show.

Aerostar, Fenix & Drago (c) vs. The Reptile Tribe (Kobra Moon, Vibora & Pindar

No pre match introductions serve as a pre-cursor for the finish of this match......Aerostar starts off the match strong putting on an aerial display. The Reptiles try to regroup, Kobra Moon gives Pindar some advice and it pays off. He lures Aerostar into the corner and strikes him down. Vibora comes in and works over Aerostar for the next couple of minutes. Aerstar takes a beating and then gets flung to the outside by Vibora. Kobra Moon stomps on Aerostar on the outside. Moments later, Pindar attempts to power slam Aero off the top rope but he counters it into a hurricanrana. Fenix is in, He tight ropes across the ring and starts hitting the tribe with multiple kicks. When the action gets to the outside, Fenix gets caught in mid-air and hit with a tombstone piledriver by Vibora. Meanwhile back in the ring, Drago turns on his partner Aerostar and spews him with mist. Star is blinded and then lifted up by Pindar and he connects with a twisting front face driver. Kobra Moon lures Drago over to her side. Drago takes a tag from Pindar. Since he wasn't in the match officially, Striker notes that Drago was the tribe's 3rd partner for this match all along. Vibora and Pindar hold up Aerostar and Drago leaps off the top with a splash. He covers his now former partner and pins him.

Drago, Vibora & Pindar defeat Fenix and Aerostar to win The Lucha Underground Trios Titles

After the match. Drago celebrates with his new tribe members. Kobra Moon wraps a chain around Drago's neck, signifying him as her new slave.

When the show returns from the break. Worldwide Underground is backstage at The Temple. Johnny Mundo has just gotten out of the shower with a towel on. Ricky Mandel is waiting for Mundo when he gets out of the shower. Mandel is doing a super fan gimmick and is dressed up in Johnny's attire. Taya walks in and breaks the news to Mundo that he is going to have to defend The Lucha Underground Championship against Rey Mysterio at The Cueto Cup Final. Mundo tells Ricky to go warm up his car, so that they can go to his dojo. When Ricky leaves, Mundo tells Taya that Rey is no joke and that he is going to have to train harder than he ever has in his whole life. When Mundo leaves to go to his car, Taya asks him if he is going to put pants on. Mundo says that he doesn't have time for pants.

Mil Muertes w/Katrina vs. Prince Puma

Hot and heavy action to start off between these two. Puma takes to the air early with an over the top rope plancha. Prince gets out a table immediately. It backfires on him when Muertes spears him into the table. Mil then beats the hell out of Puma for the next couple of minutes. He slams him into wooden chairs. Mil tries to get some more weapons to hurt Puma with. Prince battles back and hits Muertes with a detour sign, that Strikes jokes that the department of traffic leaves their signs here at The Temple.... Puma then hits a pretty 450 splash off the ring apron and onto Muertes.

Moments later, The action heads into the crowd. Mil recovers and starts to hit Puma with a steel plate. Both men then battle up the stairs in The Temple. Mil tries to throw Puma off the side of the stairs. They reach the top of the arena and Puma finds a shoe and beats Mil with it. Muertes battles back and carries Puma onto his shoulders. He carries him down the stairs and then gives him a modified TKP at the bottom of the stairs. When Muertes picks up Puma and tries to fling him into the wall, Puma bounces off the wall and knocks Muertes down with a high knee.

Prince Puma uses a trash can as a weapon for the next couple of minutes. Both men battle up the stairs into the crowd again. Puma tries to scale the bannister but Muertes shoves Puma into the Temple wall. Seconds later, Muertes throws Puma through Dario Cueto's door and into el hefe's office. Cueto is seated at his desk when Puma comes flying in.

Dario was polishing his cup when both men get into the office. They end up leaving moments later. Cueto comes out of his office to watch the carnage. He has his Bull statue in hand. Prince Puma finds a wrench and strikes Muertes with it. When Prince tries to try and charge at Muertes, Mil recovers and power slams him on the floor. The action finally ends up back in the ring. Muertes pounds away on Puma with repeated clotheslines in the corner. Puma then gets hit with a twisting urinagi for a near fall. Muertes then looks to finish off Puma but Prince rallies and strikes Mil down with a trash can lid. Muertes is then set up in the corner with the trash can. Puma then does an amazing coast to coast somersault leap and crashes into Mil.

Mil Muertes surprisingly kicks out of Puma's attempt after that spectacular move. Puma hits a majestic 450 splash on Muertes but he doesn't go for the cover. He instead celebrates with the fans. This gives Katrina an opening to interject herself in the match. She comes into the ring and low blows Prince. Vampiro leaves the broadcast table and hands a fallen Puma a brick. Prince lays out Muertes with the brick and secures the victory.

Prince Puma defeats Mil Muertes by pinfall

Striker sells this on commentary as the end of this feud. He puts over The Cueto Cup next week as the show comes to an end.

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