Yesterday we asked where you thought Kurt Angle's "private matter" was headed. Answer were wide ranging, but the most mentioned was Stephanie and Triple H being involved somehow, potentially looking to oust Angle from his GM role. Many felt the end game would be a match between Angle and Triple H at SummerSlam. A few of you were less interested in what it had to do with Angle and more about how Corey Graves is involved in all of this.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

"It's Stephanie blackmailing Kurt Angle so she can return and fire Kurt as General Manager of Raw."

"It is Dixie Carter..."

"I'm more interested in how Graves is involved."

Victim of the Kliq:
"I hope Corey Graves is behind it. Leading the way for him to be an on-air character, as well as being on commentary. Similar to the role Heenan had in the early 90s when he was with Flair and Perfect, whilst being part of that classic commentary team with Monsoon."

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