Source: WWE

Ember Moon spoke to WWE about her injury that put her on the shelf for two months. Here are some of the highlights:

How her shoulder injury occurred:

"I had a grade-one AC joint tear or, in layman terms, a separated shoulder. ...When I hit the barricade, I knew that I was hurt. I heard something pop in my shoulder and I initially thought it was my collarbone. The pain didn't hit until I rolled over onto my back. I remember telling myself that it hurts, but it won't be too bad. As soon as the medical trainers tried to move me, I realized that it was worse than I thought. I remember literally hitting the floor with my hand, realizing that I was probably going to miss NXT TakeOver: Chicago."

Getting a "Welcome Back" from the NXT crowd:

"I was honestly taken aback. After TakeOver: Orlando last April, when I was unable to defeat Asuka for the NXT Women's Championship, I felt like I let down the NXT Universe. I dropped the ball, and I got humbled, a lot. Right when I'm on the verge of getting another opportunity, I get injured at the hands of Asuka. After those two moments, I felt like I had nothing left for the NXT Universe to believe in. So, when I heard that crowd erupt, it gave me something to fight for, and it showed me that the people still believe in me and still believe I can defeat Asuka. I want nothing more than to make those people proud."

How she was two months ago compared to now:

"Two months ago, Ember Moon thought she was invincible. I thought I could take the world by storm with no consequences. When I lost to Asuka, I began a downward spiral, which culminated with my injury. When you lose the ability to do what you love, it makes you rethink some life decisions, and I realized I needed to make some changes. Today I realize I'm not invincible, but I'm also in a much better mindset because I am truly ready for anything, and I train to make sure that's the case."

Ember Moon also discussed more on her injury and what rehab was like. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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