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Renee Young and Daniel Bryan welcome us to this week's show. Bryan asked Renee about the date of when the U.S. declared their independence (she didn't know), they move to a recap of tonight's show. Bryan talks about James Ellsworth breaking rules and how he's tired of James getting involved in women's matches. Renee thought the 30-day suspension was a bit much.

Naomi joins the show.

Renee immediately talks about the glowing championship. Naomi said it was pretty complicated without changing the look of the title. Naomi thinks Ellsworth deserved every bit of his punishment. Bryan congratulates Naomi on her win tonight and Naomi said she was done with Lana and had to clear her out. They show Lana's tweet about not having her shoulder down during their second match, Naomi said she was livid about the tweet. Naomi says Lana is hard-headed, but she should have got the point now. Bryan asked what she's thinking now about her competition and Naomi said she's keeping her eyes open and just added all that glow to the title, so she doesn't plan on losing it any time soon. The title has seven lighting settings, and she wants to add more to it. Bryan asks Naomi about if she feels like she's in charge of the division now. Naomi says she feels like it, but there are still women who think they are better.

Naomi says she would face Charlotte at Battleground because "The Welcoming Committee" interfered in their last match. She considers Charlotte the best of the best, so she wants to top her. Carmella (through cheating) has beat Naomi twice, so she wants to get that win back too. Naomi was confused about why Tamina came out to talk with Lana, she's not sure if it's jealously or shade from Tamina, considering they were once in a team together. Naomi then heads off!

Bryan says he would love to see Naomi vs. Charlotte as a PPV match. Renee wanted to know why Bryan wasn't out for tonight's rap battle. Bryan said he spoke with Usos, gave them some lines, and Usos had to say no. Bryan then tried some lines, Renee wasn't thrilled. Both Renee and Daniel loved the rap battle, Daniel thought there were some topics and "Videotape footage" mentions that he didn't think would be talked about. Bryan thought Wale did a great job out in the ring. Renee brings up "Tenee Young" (Tyler Breeze) and they show footage of Tenee interviewing Tye Dillinger. Renee didn't think she acted or talked like that at all.

Maria and Mike Kanellis join the show.

They almost immediately go into the lovely stuff with each other, Bryan talked about how during their segment the power of their love turned off a camera. Mike blames it on Sami Zayn for tripping on the power cord. Renee tries to ask questions while Mike and Maria are just staring at each other. Maria goes on about how they found love while most other people don't find it or fake it. Mike talks about being a pro wrestler for 16 years and that love brought him to the WWE. Bryan asked Maria about her name as "Maria Kanellis" and Mike's was "Mike Bennett" on the indies, yet Mike took her name. Mike responds that a strong wonderful woman came into his life and he wants to pay her back by taking her name. Renee wonders what the game plan is in the WWE for the duo. Mike talks about feeling the jealous and anger in the halls of the backstage of the WWE, he found love and it's helped him for the better. They exit, and Renee is still confused by the two of them. Daniel says Mike and Maria have a very "Zen" feel to them and he doesn't mind it.

The topic switches to John Cena returning and being a free agent, but...

AJ Styles joins the show.

Styles gives props to Chad Gable and said wrestling him was tougher than the Battle Royal. He said he didn't mean to say a "Little competition" to anger Gable. Styles talks his strategy during the match on how he had to work to bring Gable down. They talk the Battle Royal and Styles says he didn't feel like he did much, but was able to throw out Zayn and now he gets Kevin Owens. Bryan asked about having two matches in one night and how tough it is. Styles responds that the muscles cool off and tighten up, so it's a bit of a struggle. He continues that it was in his favor that it was a Battle Royal, since guys were looking at other guys early on. Styles is asked about Owens, he thought he had Owens last time, but getting stuck on the outside messed that up for him. Styles says the only thing Owens is better at than him is eating. Bryan wants an "Eating Challenge" on next week's show. "A wiener eating contest between AJ Styles and Kevin Owens!" Styles said he would lose. Bryan gets so hyped about this idea and really thinks Styles could win. Styles does not want any part of this, and we're out!

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