- Above, WWE caught up with Dean Ambrose before his upcoming Intercontinental Championship match against The Miz. Ambrose talked about how The Miz is probably feeling and how he's trying to exploit every rule possible just to keep his title. He then finishes off with a story about The Miz the only way Dean knows how.

"Can you imagine being The Miz on a day like today? Sweatin' bullets. You're entire life, you're entire self-worth, you're identity the whole little Hollywood life you carved out for yourself is all tied up in the Intercontinental Championship. Can you imagine what it's like to be The Miz today? ...Now, he's sittin' in his mansion with all his suits and fancy cars and all his money. And he's clinging to his Intercontinental Championship and night has fallen. And all is quiet. But he knows, the Boogeyman is comin' and the Boogeyman will Double-Arm DDT the world. Everybody who stands in his way, one by one by one. Until he gets to you. And then...Great Balls of Fire!"

- Raw General Manager Kurt Angle is in the American Airlines Center, letting fans know just how much longer they have to wait for tonight's PPV to get started.

"WWE Great Balls of Fire PPV starts in 2 1/2 hours. Doors open in 28 minutes. Gonna be an Amazing Night. #itstrue #RawGM"

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